Such a big sticker day today! I got up (that’s always a good sign), put on “work” clothes, which is kinda nice since I still have them, went to the DMV and didn’t even have to wait, got to sit right down AND, I have a new Florida license plate!! GO ME!!!  I’d take a picture but I don’t know if that’s a smart security move on the web and all. But I will say this, it’s the same style as Phil’s (I know, cute huh?) and the first three letters are FFG – Finally Florida Girl. I mean really….is that meant to be or what? AND, the fee was about $80 less than I expected. She said the rates went down September 1. So see that? How fortuitous of us to procrastinate. Now I just need a Steeler border thingy-do.  Really is there anything that Amazon does NOT sell?

Then I went off to work. It was an observing day today because there was yet another volunteer Joan was training. AARP sends over people that are supposed to volunteer while AARP finds them jobs. I guess I could go that route (ask AARP to find me a job) but who has time. Things are good for now. So the office girls are still being friendly. Joan, my trainer, wants me to scale down my purse size. She asked if I use everything in there and when I said no she told me to carry a smaller purse. I asked her if she would come home with me and help organize here too. She’s funny, but believe me she’ll be checking my purse size next week. I don’t think she’s kidding.  Not a whole lot going on at the school today.   It’s anti-bullying week and everyone was supposed to wear black today. Luckily I had on black. Chances of wearing black to work on any given day are pretty high. Even here in Florida. Which is another question…can I wear linen year round? I’m going to go with a yes. But do I hear any opposition out there? I still don’t think I can do white after Labor day. It’s just too far in my blood to not do it. However,  I will observe my colleagues and students and see what is acceptable here but it’s not feeling very “white” these days.

The rain has not let up. The weatherman is saying rain for another TEN days!! I do hope they are wrong but I’m not sure if they will be. So rain, a little lower temperature and look what I have…and it’s “on”.


Under 80 during the day!


this space heater is a staple in my life

So here’s a cute story, when I was moving here and worried about my kids and their mom not having her own home Jimmy assured me that the only thing that made him feel at home was me…and a space heater.  So obviously I will always have a space heater.

My brother sent me an email this morning saying he was all cozy in front of his heater and taunting me saying I wouldn’t get those chilly mornings…ha,,,,think again. Actually I’m surprised this is the first it’s been on. Of course now I’m having a hot flash, but none the less, it’s on.

I’m going to have to start coming up with something interesting to say. With getting settled in here there’s not a whole lot new to talk about. I clean (usually) I pick up kids, now going to the Y, I cook (sometimes), I blog, I run errands….it rains….I love my boyfriend, the kids are good, the dog is hairy, I mean I need to step it up a little. I will give it some thought.

Oh I know, I do have a paying job, October 11. I got called for Jury duty! I lived in PA 50+ years, called to Jury duty once in my entire life, down here 3 months and wham gotta go. It’s okay though. It’ll give me something to blog about. Of course changing the names to protect the innocent and all. Hey, maybe I’ll start a book (like write a book) about the case. Or I’ll just read a good book while I wait and get sent home at noon. For one day it’s $15 – more than three days it’s $30 a day. So there ya go. Something to look forward to.

Gotta go get the girl.  Tomorrow we will talk about this frog:


you may have to zoom in near the tree

Until mañana


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