Ok so let’s pretend for a minute that I wanted to be a writer, I mean I do write, but what if I wanted to officially be a writer. They kinda do what I do. Write during the day. They probably have better content but hey, ya know, we all start somewhere. So I joined this Aspiring Writers Group on LinkedIn and spent a couple of minutes reading some of the posts, because honestly I hate sitting at the computer all day. I’d do better to print all those posts and take them outside and read them. But then that’s not so eco-friendly is it. So in reading one of the articles about being a better writer it said something like “one must also read, as well as write, to be a good writer” and so I listened. In my attempt to be a better writer I went outside this a.m and sat by the pool and read my book! Yes I did!! There’s a lot of great things about that.

  1. It’s not raining. It has now clouded up but there was some sunshine out there this a.m.
  2. It’s not hot. It’s like, how do you say it..nice, and,
  3. There’s plenty of inside work to be done, but really when isn’t there plenty of inside work to be done. When? And I am guilt free about my decision….almost.

Unfortunately between being on hold cancelling my PA car insurance, waiting for Samo to be settled (I believe he was trying to get out of the fence so then I had to find a rock to make it more secure) then I needed a cup of tea, THEN I thought I better eat something, THEN I read about 5 pages and fell asleep. But I did get to read, by the pool, on a non-lyming day. Three cheers for me.

Depending on the girl I might even go back out there this afternoon. She may want to drag me to the Y again. It’s pitiful because I should be the one dragging her, but believe me if she doesn’t want to go I’m not going to push it. She had me do 125 sit-ups with her yesterday. I hung but OMG. We were talking about some sort of measurement of our progress. I refuse to get on a scale and I thought twice about measuring myself before and after. She suggested before and after pictures. At that horrifying thought I said I’ll just wait and see if I can get in a smaller pant size to measure my success. I think the best measure would be to try to keep running some 5K’s. But for now I’m struggling getting through One mile on the treadmill. She says I motivate her to keep going on the treadmill but unfortunately it’s not working the other way around. I convince myself there is no way I can keep up with a 15-year-old and then I walk..I know, it’s bad.

AND she needs some things at the mall. She’s such a girl. This is totally out of my element, but so much fun. She needs some makeup and a couple of things, at the mall. And then what’s really different is I get money to take her!! I mean it’s all good. Seriously if I had a daughter I would hope she was like Zenah, super smart, motivated, ambitious, musically talented, and of course pretty, with minimal makeup, :-).  She has the nice balance of wearing jeans and a t-shirt and looking adorable in size 4 dresses, which she never wears but owns anyway. I’m thankful that she’s not one of those Kim Kardashian girls that I wouldn’t have any idea what to do with and who would certainly be embarrassed by me and my daily t-shirt dresses. I am hoping the mall trip trumps the YMCA but maybe we can do both.  Should I be the leader and tell her we can do both? I hate being the leader.

Then tonight is date night. Not sure what we’re doing. But I will attempt to look cute.

And this (all this running around) is why I feel no guilt when I take some time to read by the pool, honing my craft (which is either napping or writing). I am awaiting inspiration from the Gods as to “what” to write about. In the meantime, whilst I wait, I shall ramble on about nothing, because apparently I’m good at that. Rambling comes very easy for me (unlike situps).

That’s it for today…

Until mañana,




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