Now I’m pissed. Ya know, I am a pretty calm reasonable person…to a point. But once I reach that point that reasonableness goes to the back burner. Maybe I don’t mean reasonableness, maybe what I mean is gentleness. (Remember how Charlie P used to say to treat the faculty gently? – yea, and why?) So, you know, I’m emailing Jorden’s teachers to make sure he doesn’t fall thru the cracks. Sometimes as a parent/guardian you need to stay on top of it you know? Especially when they need it. Not like I wasn’t Jimmy’s mom. I know how this goes. Anyway, I’ve been nice but now I’m done being nice. I am getting one word answers. I ask three questions, I get one short answer to one of the questions. So now I’m pissed and straight to “enough of the one word answers, when can we meet.” I should add “don’t piss me off” – but she seems to be a formidable woman. I’m not a’scared of her though. I can be formidable too. This is where working in the front office might just help me out if I can’t get a meeting with this woman. Anyway, that’s the start to today. The adrenaline is pumping, which should make Philip happy because now I will probably clean the bathroom.

I’m having a bad living-in-Florida day today. There was a bug in our bedroom last night AND I just killed another. This one was in broad daylight..which made it easier cause they are slower in the daytime. But still, that’s two too many. I thought my Moon Township apartment and it’s plethora of bugs would have prepared me for this but these bugs are just so big. Luckily the adrenaline built up by the stupid teacher made it easy to smash it but the fact that it’s here at all is annoying to say the least. I looked at an article on the web that said “You will not enjoy your life in Florida if you can’t stand these insects. Palmetto Bugs are just an inescapable part of Florida lifestyle” I guess the good news is they are not harmful, they don’t bite, just nasty. They like hair, which mine is everywhere as is Samos and they like paper. Three fourths of our house is books. I guess they find our house a slice of heaven.

To which I say, heavy sigh.

And about these frogs….so Zenah was sitting at lunch – at an outside table – and a fellow student tapped her on the shoulder and suggested she move herself as there was this monstrous frog by her foot. Turns out these frogs are called Cane frogs. They are not native to Florida but were introduced in 1936 to help control some sugar cane bug and then 100 of them accidentally released in Miami at the airport in 1955. And they are poisonous. Not that they would kill humans but their toxins do kill pets.

To which I say again, heavy sigh.

The weather man last night said not to expect temperatures in the 50’s until late October or early November. Not sure I’ll ever want to open windows. Maybe I’ll move to the 20th floor of some condo building. Right after I make that million. I will say the lack of bugs in my Pittsburgh apartment never went unnoticed. But the lack of air circulation in that apartment was also not unnoticed. Nothing and nowhere is perfect I suppose.

Well I think it’s time to set off a bug bomb in the bedroom. Which means staying out of here for 4 hours. I’ll just pack a little bag, stay out by the pool (it’s not raining yet) and cry. I’m sure tomorrow will be a better day. I’ll bounce back.  Not every day can be perfect right? Even in paradise.

Until mañana


One Thought on “Another day in paradise..

  1. Poor Lynn. I hate bugs in the house too, Tomorrow WILL be a better day.
    So, what is happening with Jorden that you need to talk to his stupid teacher? I feel the mom coming out in you big time.
    Keep blogging!!!

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