As predicted I have bounced back from my woe-is-me day. Typically I do or I would be living under a bridge by now….in Pittsburgh, perhaps the Birmingham Bridge as that is closest to my boy…wonder if he would bring me food…and blankets.

Anyway, a beautiful day today. The sun is shining, it’s 75 beautiful degrees. Humidity feels low. This is the Florida I remember, THIS is the Florida I love!  Finally!!  I even had my sunroof open in the car this morning. First time since moving here I think. I’ve been up running around which also helps the mood. Two trips to the High School and then off to Home Depot. I think I might be part man; although that’s sort of a sexist attitude. I went to pick up a couple small paint items and all the customers in the same paint aisle were women. But anyway, I love Home Depot. I love all the gadgets. I love looking at all the different paints, and tiles, carpets, I mean even the faucets. I limited my visit to what I needed today but still I just love it. I love the whole vibe. I remember remodeling my house and how fun it was….maybe not “fun” but the process of remodeling is very creative and fulfilling. Especially when it looks nice. Does anyone remember when Dennis handmade those beautiful cabinets for our kitchen and painted them red because I wanted them to look like Jerry’s cherry cabinets in her kitchen? And then I HATED it. I remember crying and crying cause I felt so bad that he worked so hard. But then he painted them white and we absolutely loved that kitchen. My dining room in Fair Oaks, I remember buying green paint and it wasn’t quite right and in the end dumped two gallons together to make my own color and voila…loved that room color too. Then when moving out of that house I had to paint the boys back bedroom and I just pulled whatever colors I had left over in the basement and did some sort of faux painting with a double roller to use up the paint and over the imperfections. The boys loved it. And I thought it was a hack job. Anyway, good memories go with home improvements and we are doing that here too, even though we are renters, we still “live” here. We are going to keep painting the downstairs this weekend. It’s going to be something though because these rooms are furnished. We’re going to keep going with the color that we have because we bought so much of it but for the hallway we’re going to throw some white in it and brighten it up. I am sure it’s going to look beautiful. The biggest concern will be keeping the dog out of the room, and not breaking anything else. That’ll be top in my mind. The living room is going to be tricky. But we can do it…I know we can!!

And just look at these new pillows. It’s so Florida now isn’t it?


So I went to Home Depot mainly to ask the guy in the Windows department why we can’t open our windows. It’s like there’s a lock somewhere and I can’t figure it out. I took pictures to show him.


Does anything here look locked? What am I missing?


How about this side? Anything?

But he knows nothing. We have these shelves that are bolted in front of the windows making it almost impossible to get in there but I KNOW they open.  We can’t ever clean them but they open.  We have screens and everything. We may have to break down and call the realtor. We had the windows open in the living room/dining room last night and we had such a nice breeze going through and then it rained (surprise) and the rain sounded so nice. So we have GOT to figure out a way to get these bedroom windows open. Phil promises to caulk around the screens keeping as many critters out as possible. It’s probably in his best interest to avoid another meltdown on my part.

Yesterday afternoon I took both kids, after our workout at the Y, to this place called the Witches Brew for ice cream. Have I talked about this store before? All their food, except their ice cream, has hemp in it. Brought a big hemp brownie home for Philip and we split it, but I didn’t feel anything…darn it.. Maybe I should go get another one. I mean they even have hemp in their hummus. Lots of flyers on saying “yes” to medical marijuana at the next election. Honestly I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m surprised I’m saying that but you know it’s not about “medical” marijuana. Anyone can go into a store in Denver and get it. I don’t know, I’m surprised with my liberal self that I’m even second guessing it. I know for sure though no one should be in prison for possession of marijuana.   Wait, is this political? I better stop.

I’m meeting the BF for lunch today. Very exciting. I get to drive across the bridge and see the water on my way there.  Sometimes all I need is to see the water to remember that I’m in Florida, finally.


see what I mean?



Have a nice weekend, I must get ready for my lunch date.



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