So what about the price of bacon? It’s up to $7?  What’s going on there.  Shortage of pigs?

Okay, so do we really want to talk about it? I mean just look at these headlines. HEADLINES!!


And I’m driving around with my new Steeler frame on my brand new Florida license plate.

license plate

Maybe I should take it off for a week or so until the hoopla dies down. Maybe there’s not as many Bucs fans as Steeler fans so maybe nobody really cares.  But their victory is their headlines.  So I could be wrong about that.


What a game though. I thought Tampa looked pretty good. Not wild about Tampa’s QB. Still they were holding us weren’t they? 5 Sacks. Really? Well it’s just humiliating. I also heard the Pirates lost. That’s just sad.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, Phil took me to a Steeler restaurant for lunch on Friday.  The decor is certainly Pittsburgh.

IMG_20140926_121217 IMG_20140926_121943 IMG_20140926_121949

Other than Pierogies on the menu it was pretty much just bar food.  But check out the fries.  This is a side order.


I missed my PA plate that day but I’ll get over it, especially now that I have the Steeler frame.  I wonder what the vibe will be today in that bar/restaurant. Wonder if the terrible towel is flying at half mast.

Sooo, we have a working piano now. The piano tuner came this a.m. I was playing for a while. I love it. I’m very rusty but since I’m not performing I’m not too concerned. I’ll just hack away while no one is home.


We painted the dining area over the weekend. And now we’re all put back together in there. I’d like to get the hallway done before the weekend, which is doable, and then we’re probably going to be done for now. Maybe we’ll get the living room done by Christmas or maybe just keep the lights low. Things are moving along at a nice slow steady pace.

We are getting lots and lots of rain. The sun does come out for a while and then it pours. Some areas are getting pretty bad flooding. Oh get this, the other night Zenah went to do something and one of her friends couldn’t get there because her mother wouldn’t drive in the rain!! In the RAIN! I guess it’s all relative.

That’s it for today. More nuthin.. Tomorrow is a busy day. Actually so busy that I probably won’t be blogging. Stay tuned for Wednesday!


2 Thoughts on “Mmmmm… bacon

  1. Scott monahan on September 29, 2014 at 1:17 pm said:

    I’m thinking of blaming YOU for the steeler loss…it’s the mixed mojo of new steeler frame, Florida plates, and you being near Tampa….it’s all clear to me now…thanks a lot

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