You know there’s a lot of nutty crimes in Florida. Nutty is probably not the right term. Tragic is a little more like it. There’s the man who shot a car full of kids because the music was too loud. Said he feared for his life? No one in the music car had a weapon. Then remember the man who shot someone in the movie theater for texting? I guess there are tragic stories everywhere, I know there are. So this morning there was a “noise” and the dog perked right up. I wasn’t afraid but I was certainly happy to see that. I often comment/complain about that dog’s powerfulness but today I’m feeling pretty good about it. He can’t keep the squirrels away but perhaps any possible intruder will think twice.


Such a killer dog

Let’s see, yesterday we met with Jorden’s math teacher. She said he is a JOY to have in her class. Always participates and is typically correct. Phil thinks he has a “bad” kid. So I had to dig up Jimmy stories. Mainly Jimmy/Jeffrey stories. Jorden just seems to have test anxiety. He’s not talking incessantly to his neighbors, he’s not-not paying attention, we haven’t even had to pick him up off the floor of Thrift Drugs wrestling with his friend. He is not a bad kid. Jimmy was not a bad kid either. But not sure I would ever try to pass him off as being a good kid in school. He’s a good kid in general but school, it’s not for everybody.   However, hearing that report on Jorden was great.

After the meeting I went downstairs and did my volunteer stint in the front office. It’s okay. I don’t love it but it’s okay. I think I’m just too new and don’t know who anybody is and heaven forbid I have to use that stupid walkie-talkie, but I know I will at some point. There’s always some physical plant type person coming in that wants to find Ernesto. Ernesto is only available by walkie-talkie.

After my morning there I headed to St. Petersburg for an interview. Does anybody remember the blog where I was torn between applying for jobs anymore and having that application open before going to the volunteer meeting? Well anyway, it’s that job that actually called me in for an interview. Just an interview, but still first one I’ve had since the first week I moved here. The position is being “Jordan” at USF St. Petersburg. The job is for the Regional Vice Chancellor (think Provost) who is new and they are building a new team. It would be a good fit for me, except that it’s 25 miles one way, one hour with no traffic. So logistically a nightmare. A far cry from walking two blocks. But we won’t go there yet. The campus is beautiful. It’s on the water. Point Park is also on/near the water. But the boats are quite different. If I get the job then I’ll post pictures.

So yesterday was busy. Up and dressed, like actually work dressed, new outfit and all, sitting in an office from about 9:00 to 3:00 – stopping at CostCo, coming home unloading and then out to get thank you cards, by way of Pier One, Ross Dress for Less and then finally Publix. Look at these cute plates. How could I resist? This is why I need a job. I mean income…I don’t really need a “job”.  But whatever.


The weather is hot and humid today. On Sunday we are supposed to be down in the 60’s at night. The weather predictors say our rain will be over after Saturday. We shall see. Right now it’s like a swamp out there. Sam ran outside when I was throwing a bug out the side door. I didn’t get to the paws in time.


Time to get the girl. We will get to the Y and then it’s date night. Someone in the house is having their 16th birthday this weekend so it’s actually mall night for our date. That’s okay too. There will be a nice dinner in there I’m sure.

Until mañana,



4 Thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. Oh, what memories those Jimmy/Jeffrey stories bring back!! Miss those days!

  2. Wow….that job at USF sounds perfect for you. Really have to consider the drive….well at least no snow. I love the plates….very cute.
    Take care and keep blogging.


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