Guess what I did this morning? Go ahead guess. My sister (Kerry) hates when I do that because really what’s the point of asking the other person to guess. I get it. So I’ll tell you. I LYMED. Yep I did, and I might get back to it after this update. My book, The Boys in the Boat, that I’ve been reading over a month is due back this weekend. I have been so lax at reading it even though I love it. Even this morning I read a bit but still I fell asleep. I can’t help it. So I’m going to power through and see if I can get through it by Saturday. Of course I guess I could renew it but it’s a goal that I’ve decided I must achieve.

I don’t have a lot of goals these days. I’m going to the YMCA and a good goal would be to lose weight and fit into any of my old clothes, ANY one of them, but I’m also okay with buying new. I know it’s bad isn’t it? I know to lose weight I have to quit eating a lot of the food that I’ve fallen back into eating. Bread and dessert, not to mention eating out. I can’t believe how I eat these days. It took me years to eat like a good “foodie” and only months to fall back into making and eating brownies, because well the kids need a treat. HA! It’s bad. There is this one sweater dress (yes sweater dress in Florida) in the window of New York and Company at the mall and every time I walk past it I say my goal is to wear that, and look good in it. So last night did I pass on dessert on date night? Nope.

I made this big pot of soup last night and nobody ate it. Jorden said he was sick of soup. Really? Dam kids. So I accidentally left it on the stove all night. I’m going to eat some now and if I don’t get poisoned I’ll freeze it for another time. If only I would reach for the soup instead of the cookie.

We had a nice date night, as usual. We went to the mall to play Birthday Claus for the girl. It was fun. They also opened a new massage place and offered a 1 minute sample so I went for it. It was great. Next week for date night I’m begging him to get foot reflexology together and then I want to see the movie Gone Girl. The Theater is in the mall. Anybody seeing it? I can’t wait. It looks creepy but since I read the book I’ll know not to get tooo creeped out. And I like Ben Affleck. I don’t know why he has such a bad rap. I like him.

The house needs cleaned as I’m not totally sure if we’re having company tomorrow so I am surprised that I am reading instead of dusting, but sometimes you just have to be in the mood to clean and I’m not. Maybe after the YMCA I’ll feel motivated but around 4:00 today I am leaving the house. We had a major breach this a.m. Zenah took Jorden’s chips to lunch with her. Figures the one day he wants to take lunch she took them. So I expect a full-on blood bath when he gets home. I’ve decided to let them kill each other. It’s above my pay-grade. Perhaps I could negotiate combat pay but I’d rather go shopping. Maybe I’ll take myself and get my own reflexology. Then come home and clean up the aftermath.

Wish I had something insightful to share but I got nuthin. Well wait, I did have another call for a phone interview for next week for a different job. So look at that. Two calls after months of nuthin. So that’s not nuthin, not particularly insightful though. Since no one is beating down my door, or sending me frantic emails to write for them I have hopes that something will come about soon. Preferably lottery winnings but Di, you’ll be happy to know, I’m not really living in my head anymore. Sort of living in the moment these days. I’m not sure what I like better. It’s just that when I was living in my head the possibilities were endless. I have most of the things I dreamt about, a good boyfriend, living in Florida, I’m not starving (obviously). Honestly I think all those years of living in my head has burned me out for more living in my head. Besides as I’ve said ad nauseam, who would have guessed that my life would be what it is. So maybe what I’ve learned is to just let it go and see what happens. Because really I would have never dreamed this up.

On that note, I’m going back out to read. 200 pages by Saturday. Can I do it? Can I? Biggest decision of the moment is do I read in?


Or out?


Until mañana



10 Thoughts on “I think I can..I think I can..

  1. Ja Nelly on October 2, 2014 at 1:54 pm said:

    I read Gone Girl. I wasn’t impressed so I don’t want to see the movie. I like the Maze Runner much better and I like the book. It is the first one of a trilogy! Just putting that out there. And as far as reading…. I like air conditioning, so I’m in. 🙂

    • Actually there are four books in the Maze Runner. I’ve read the first two. I did like the movie. COMPLETELY different genre. I think you’d like the book I’m reading now too. It’s a male author. I know how you are.

  2. Scott monahan on October 2, 2014 at 2:00 pm said:

    I’m worried about you. You are getting to be in my life style. I am in my chair and often must choose…sun? Leather? Fabric? Then what? Next you’ll be thinking about which beach to go to for lunch…Malibu? Topanga? Point dume? Ah, you’re livin’ the life now!!! My life….!

  3. Jan Ryan on October 2, 2014 at 3:13 pm said:

    I am reading Gone Girl for the second time. The first time I read it Larry was in the hospital and I wasn’t really paying close attention to the book because my thoughts were scattered all over the place. So, I am reading it again and what a read! I hope to see the movie, too.

    • Jannie, did the committee know you were reading Gone Girl during Larry’s hospital time? I remember that time last year. I think we would have definitely advised a different book. Like the Shell Seekers or Thorn Birds. In the future please consult us on such matters, (sniff, I mean them)

  4. Jan Ryan on October 2, 2014 at 3:13 pm said:

    And, oh, I also like Ben Affleck. Just not as Batman, that’s gonna take a little adjustment………

  5. Enjoying your posts. Thanks for the opportunity to comment without getting on wp! Loved your paragraph 2, totally relate.

  6. Debbie Monahan on October 5, 2014 at 12:37 pm said:

    Read outside before it gets to chilly!

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