So if I write my update/posts in the evening and I know most of you don’t read it until the next day do I then wait and post in 2 days? Or should I keep writing at night? What are the rules? So many decisions. I think I just need to do it when the mood strikes, and when I have time.

I’m half watching Jeopardy and Vanna White as I write this. Can you imagine having that job for as many years as she has? AND still looking that good? The longest I’ve ever had a job is 8 years. I don’t know what that says about me. It actually doesn’t say much since 90% of my jobs ended in reorganization and/or just plain businesses closing. I started to think I was a jinx as any company I worked for went belly up about 2 years after I started. Typically I was there until the bitter end which is actually a cool process in itself, but I am so jealous of those people who stay with one place for 30 years and retire. There are people younger than me doing that. RETIRING!! It’s heartbreaking that retiring is something that I will never be able to realize this life time, well I mean I’ll get social security but you know, not like retiring retiring. But then again, that’s pretty rare these days anyways. So is hitting the lottery. I can rule out retiring but I don’t have to rule out hitting the lottery.

Speaking of work I had another interview today. Phone interview. Got a follow-up to last week’s interview too. Also tried another couple of income revenue ideas and volunteered at the school this a.m. I’m already feeling a little more comfortable at the middle school. Taking messages, running around. Next week I’ll be Principal. Okay that might be a stretch. But something is going to happen here. I can feel it.

Other than that all is status quo. Florida kids are good. Weekend birthday celebrations were lovely. We now have a 16-year-old. She hasn’t gotten her permit yet. What’s up with that? Down here they can get their permit at 15. Not like the boys who were in line the morning of their 16th birthday. She’ll get on it I’m sure. She went to a friend’s 16 year old bday party at some swanky place and had a wonderful time. So all in all I think she’s pretty happy. We got some more painting done in time for a couple of birthday get-togethers. I actually started painting Saturday at 2 and ended at 11:30 that night. I mean that’s a long time isn’t it? But it looks really good.

Here’s some pictures from the weekend:


Sunday’s festivities – Birthday girl and sister Tashah




Family trip to see the sunset – until the bugs got us – yes that is a sweatshirt. Temps down in the 60’s at night!!


wouldn’t you like to live in THAT house?


can you tell the new paint? It really does look nice.


Birthday girl


Birthday crown – no it is not reused bunko crown

You should have seen the birthday cakes.  I really do need to get better at this picture thing.

That’s it for today, until mañana,




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