Woo Hoo it’s Friday!!  I think today should be another advertising day, don’t you?  Don’t you just love to click on links and look at possibilities?  Isn’t it scary how you can look at something on a totally random day,  for instance let’s just say one day you’re looking at Land Rovers, their styles and their prices.  Now Land Rover advertisements show up on all your web pages.  Isn’t that a little creepy? Too bad Amazon doesn’t sell Land Rovers I could link that.

Instead I’ll link these Ugg’s that I’m secretly, okay not so secretly lusting after. I think they look like Florida boots. A little on the comfy side for those days when it dips below 70:

Now these: Do you think they’re worth $50? hmmmm

Oh and here’s a buying tip. We bought new silverware a week or so ago. Other than the two good silver sets we have we didn’t have every day matching silverware believe it or not. I gave mine to Jimmy before I moved thinking we’d have too much. The set I gave him was missing a couple of pieces too. Anyway, the point is I can’t use the spoons of the new set we bought. They are curved up at an angle that really irritates my mouth. Luckily I kept a few of the old spoons. But who knew? Otherwise we really like them. We’re such grownups now with our matching selves…
These aren’t what we bought but they’re similar:

What else can I sell today? We still need the big stuff for outside. Patio furniture and patio dining sets. We should find them on sale now right? Apparently not..
This is nice – we don’t even need the umbrella so maybe we could save a couple bucks.

Well this is even nicer:

This one looks completely uncomfortable:

And we need a big dining room table – outside – big enough for 8. I saw one on here the other day for $10,000. Can you imagine spending $10,000 on an outside dining room table? I can. I never would, but I can still imagine. This one is too much too, but I like it:

Hmmm, what do you think of this one? Kind of compact. I think I might like it.

I don’t know though – maybe too cramped. So many decisions to make.

Ok let’s see just a couple more advertising items today…ummmm, it’s pretty pathetic that I can’t even think of anything I really want or need to put on here. I’ve already put on the big leather couch which I must say was a bit poo-pood by my dearest. He says too shiny…But really should you buy furniture on Amazon? (yes by all means please do) I mean big furniture? (yes yes says the advertiser) I went into a furniture store a few weeks ago and fell in love with this leather couch. Something from Argentina she said. But you know you wouldn’t be able to know that on-line. (but you should buy something expensive anyway…go ahead try it) Anyway, we’re not buying furniture at the moment. Not until I get a job or a heck of alot more clicks on the blog.

So maybe I’m done selling. My mind is a blank. Perhaps I shall read a bit while the temperature is a still cool 78. It’s going up to 90ish today. Hot over the weekend and then a big cool down next week where it will only be up in the low 80’s. Brrrr…..

Have a nice weekend,



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