So the weekend was nice, as usual. The girls Skyped me in on Friday night for Bunko. That was a lot of fun. I really felt like I was there, getting caught up on almost everyone and just listening to the B.S. It was a great idea. I was exhausted afterwards. I haven’t been around that much activity/chatter since I moved here. Even if I did just sit there the whole time from 1,000 miles away.

Saturday my boyfriend woke me up and suggested we go to the beach. WOO HOO! And we did. I redeemed my transgression of the snack wrap from McDonalds from the night before with a delicious and hopefully healthy breakfast from this French place we like to go to. Quiche and fruit crepe. Yum. Then over to the beach, steps away. A couple of minutes in the water, because it’s already cold, at least cold for Philip, a nice long walk and that was it for the day. Then we drove over to pick up Zenah in South Tampa, back home by like 5:00. It was a long, hot, sunny, Florida kind of day.

The Restaurant





The Beach


Bridge to the Beach…


our favorite beach

South Tampa and inside the restaurant where Alyna is head chef:





Saturday night we went to downtown Palm Harbor for Rocktoberfest, featuring Michael Allman who is Gregg Allman’s son.  I was hoping for a surprise guest appearance by Gregg but he was a no-show.  Apparently his son lives right near here in New Port Richey and his band does mostly cover Allman Brothers songs.  They were good.  They weren’t the Allman Brothers, but they were good.  Then we walked up to our favorite Witches Brew and listened to another band before calling it a night.  It was a long lovely night added onto our long lovely day.

Sunday, when I wanted to rest from the long lovely Saturday, Philip was digging out, and rediscovering a lot of Halloween decorations. He’s quite the Halloween enthusiast/decorator. Check these out:

After dinner him and the girls made these from kits (I got at Michael’s). It was like craft night..Pretty darn cute.

I painted a magnet:


And we haven’t even put out Marcus the Carcass yet! I can only imagine what the pumpkins will be like.  Apparently he even has a smoke machine somewhere.

Today I cleaned Jorden’s room some. I know, I know, but really he’s not even fully unpacked yet so I was trying to work some magic in there. Slowly we’ll get there. Then the girl and I are going back to the “club” , i.e. the YMCA. Well, “I’m” going back there with or without her. We took the entire week off last week. Me because of my back and her because of my back. So time to get back on the wagon. She just told me she’s not going…will I be disciplined enough to go without her?  Will I?  Will I?

Until mañana,



5 Thoughts on “Picture Day

  1. I’m not sure a fruit crepe covered in powdered sugar counts as health food. Crepe vs. the McDonald’s wrap is probably a tie.

    You are doing McDonald’s all wrong, by the way. Go big or go home! I like to start with a plain cheeseburger to whet my appetite. Then move on to the second course of the double quarter pounder meal with the large option because of basic french fry economics . 5 piece chicken nugget (I’m not a monster!). 2 chocolate chip cookies and, if they don’t lie to me like always and claim the milkshake machine is broken, a chocolate milkshake. And because I make a living based on my looks, a diet coke.

    • I see how successful I was at keeping you away from Mcdonalds all those years. But I do like the chocolate milkshake/diet coke combo. Good tip!

  2. Debbie Monahan on October 20, 2014 at 11:51 am said:

    Loved the pictures. So beautiful.

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