I was reading Facebook to wait for my inspiration to write my update today. I saw a great video of a groom and his groomsmen dancing at their wedding –   A little boy dancing to Dirty Dancing and doing all of Patrick Swayze’s moves – Lots of sayings about Today, God and Botox being great; dumping those that don’t love us; we should put pedophiles who harm children to sleep like we put dogs to sleep that harm children; and not a whole lot nice about Obama and Ebola.  Lots and lots of sayings, some of them very funny. The funniest today is Ellen inserting herself into a commercial with Matthew McConaughey. She’s funny. Facebook has become what? I can’t even put a name to it. I’m not going to unsubscribe though because I still love looking at everyone’s pictures (and really some of the stuff is very funny). Jimmy posts some pics, Evan posts the babies sometimes, and look at Lucy getting married!! But since I don’t get on there much I miss a lot, like I was a couple of weeks late learning about Tony and the murder thing. I mean that’s pretty serious. Murder and all… I should post more but since I have this blog I feel like it’s repeating repeating myself. I mean really I get tired of rambling on about myself and I’m really not going to do it twice. Looking thru Facebook sure is a way to waste a day, and not get your blog done.

Right now it looks like the end of the world out there. It’s DARK, it’s pouring and bad storms are coming (and apparently here) and we have a chorus concert at 7 when the worst of the storms should be going right over us. So we will be soaked walking into it. I am learning what shoes I can and can’t wear.  Flip flops will kill me as they are too slippery.  Everything else will get ruined.  OHH I know rain boots.  I better go dig them out and then maybe add some new ones to my wish list.  I dropped Zenah off two hours earlier as they have to rehearse.  The rain was blowing sideways.  She has two hours to dry off.

I did not get to the Y yesterday but I did do some water aerobics. Now that would have made a funny YouTube video. Luckily it’s so private back there in our back yard. You know how on that CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt usually ends with a quiet recording of something in nature?  Here’s one of my back yard at the end of the day. Charles Kuralt and CBS would have edited out the pool vacuum but still you can hear the birds can’t you? Very meditative.

That’s it. I’ll report on chorus concert tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it!

Until mañana



One Thought on “Awaiting Inspiration

  1. Debbie Monahan on October 20, 2014 at 11:49 am said:

    Ive been busy and I am catching up. The FB posts are getting out of hand. I don’t care about the “share if you agree” stuff. I’m there to keep up with friends and family news and pictures. It’s annoying to see….jogging ads stuff, gross pictures and deformed animals. Not happy stuff at all. I admit I scroll right by them. I do like the fun videos. If I have time I will watch them but not always. Ok, I’m done…hahaha. On a lighter note, I loved seeing your picture posts and YES you can spend hours scrolling thru the page to keep up with stuff. I’m sure I’ve missed some posts! Enjoy the concert!

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