Leslie brought over a couple of pumpkin bread loaves the other week when she came for Zenah’s bday. They were delicious. I ate with abandon. Or is it “without” abandon. In any case I just kept eating it, with cream cheese. So I asked the BF if he liked Zucchini bread, knowing that I have a good recipe for that, and I don’t want to repeat or try to compare to Leslie’s pumpkin bread. And he said Banana. Dam men. Well anyway, I thought I’d blog today about how I love my cookbooks and I have so many favorites in the cookbooks and even though I didn’t have a banana bread favorite I was going to find one, dammit, in one of my favorite cookbooks. And so I’m making this one, found on-line, because I couldn’t find a good one in my cookbooks. And then for dinner I’m going to make this veggie fritter thing that Jorden made in some cooking class in school that he liked, again not in a cookbook. IMG And then I’m going to pick up a ready-made chicken at Winn-Dixie to complete the dinner. But I really wanted to talk about my cookbooks and how much I love my old tried and true and trusted recipes. Now if I was making meatloaf, Quiche or the aforementioned zucchini bread I would be digging them out and boasting about the lost art of cookbooks. I think Suzanne is the only other person I know that reads a cookbook cover to cover, which I used to do. I used to start in the back though. Isn’t that weird? I used to start in the back with magazines too. I don’t do that anymore. I wonder what that says about me. I’m kind of sick of cooking the same old things, although they are different from what I used to make my kids for many reasons . But it’s starting to feel like the same things. Jorden is great at asking for certain dishes, which I always welcome because who knows what to make every night.  I made grilled cheese one night and he asked the next day if we were going to have a real dinner?  Guess he doesn’t consider grilled cheese a real dinner.  These kids like sushi too. I mean really, they eat a lot of things  my kids would never have considered touching. Their mom was a really good cook, and of course Alyna is an executive chef, but I think I hold my own. At least I know they like my cookies! This month’s Food and Wine (thank you Jean) has a lot of Thanksgiving recipes that look doable.  I might try a nice Thanksgiving dinner with those recipes (before coming up there for Thanksgiving). Usually Food and Wine is too far out and I wonder if I would even eat the stuff let alone the kids.

Last night’s chorus concert was just lovely. First of all (most importantly) I looked pretty cute in my rain boots. And was sooo hoping it was going to be pouring rain when we came out (as it wasn’t when we went in) but it didn’t rain then either. I still looked cute and walked through the mud just because I could. The chorus concert was wonderful, not unlike QV’s chorus concerts, and of course Zenah looked super pretty.  This is their chorus concert uniform.  At least half of them wore this.  The other half wore just black whatever.

zenah chorus

The chorus is super big and didn’t appear that they could have fit the whole chorus on stage at one time even if they wanted to. I counted 50 in the A Capella group – and that’s the specialty group. They had different groups for different songs and when they were all together they spread out throughout the auditorium.  I think the auditorium is huge. Phil thinks it’s the same as Beaver’s. So I’m trying to prove him wrong (I will list the statistics when I get them). I have this saying, that I learned from Diane that I apply to him, which he hates,  “frequently wrong, never in doubt” although I might have it backwards. Anyway his comeback to me is “frequently right, often obnoxious” …HA! Pretty funny. I won’t tell him this, but I think he’s more right than I am on many occasions. But mummms the word. We shall wait and see what the seating is. I shall do my research and report back. Stay tuned.

Although it’s date night I believe we are skipping a big date due to the fact that we are headed to Miami for the weekend!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!

We’re staying in the Grove (that’s Coconut Grove) and I just can’t be more excited. First of all it’s alone time with the BF which we haven’t had since we got here in May. So I think we’re due. When I first met him I had said something like we need to be together a lot so we can try to get sick of each other. Something like that. He thought it was the weirdest thing he’d ever heard (men, sheesh). I mean isn’t that like a common comment? Even Sandy said that to me once that I needed to spend more time with him to try to get sick of him. Then it became a joke to get him to take long weekends with me so I could see if I got sick of him. Not that I had to ever convince him to spend time with me. After over a year I still haven’t gotten sick of him but it never hurts to keep trying. I think a nice week, alone, would be a good test! Like in Costa Rica, the Caymans, or maybe Vienna. Well anyway, we’ll start with 3 days in Miami. Fortunately or unfortunately I have already talked to my Miami friends and we are seeing them possibly both Friday and Saturday nights and then one of his old college friends on Sunday. It’s only unfortunate if we overbook ourselves, so we will make our visits short. I can always go back right? I mean it’s a short drive, well shorter than living in Pittsburgh anyway.  The weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful. Miami is quite a bit different from when I lived there 32 years ago, but my friends are still there and I’m sure something will look familiar. I told Doug I didn’t want to hear ONE word about my weight. And he said he won’t say anything if I don’t say anything about his. We’ll see if he’ll live up to his word. Saturday the plan is to go see Lisa and David and Karin. BBQ at their house. So look for pictures of our trip next week.

Tonight since it still is date night I’ll make grocery shopping, just the two of us, a good substitute,  and then maybe just go for ice cream. We need to stock up for the weekend for whoever is here. I’m sure there will be a house full, but I’m more focused on what to wear and pack. I’ll let Philip do the worrying over that. Between the kids staying here, who are adults, and the neighbors, and the dog they will be fine. I say leave them $50, turn off our cell phones and let’s go!!

Time to go to the “club” and hit the treadmill so I can fit in something over the weekend. That’s how it works you know. Work out one day and get those jeans zipped (yea, right).

Until mañana,


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