So here we are. It’s Monday again. And how about dem Stillers?  I missed the first quarter or so as I was on taxi detail but what a great game. Those are “my” Steelers.

As for the rest of the weekend, Friday night was a bust as after my 4 hour trip back and forth from dropping the girl off at her old place I went right to bed. I almost fell asleep driving. Not sure what was up with that. While sleeping Phil made this delicious smelling dinner and was all proud of himself for cleaning up the kitchen afterwards so when I woke up there was (were?) no dishes, and no food. So I had an egg sandwich. Jorden assured me the stuffed pork chops that he made were delicious. That’s how the weekend started.

Saturday was spent at Home Depot spending money on stuff for the house. Then we went to dinner (with Jorden) to Red Lobster. That place is really good isn’t it? I mean for a chain restaurant. I had grilled lobster, shrimp and scallops. Yummmm. After that we went and saw the movie Fury. I figured Jorden sees worse than that on his own so whatever. He loved the action. I think he may have missed the “war” part but anyway, we all liked it. It was a really well done movie, if you like war movies.

Sunday we got to putz in the yard for a little. The weather has been beautiful. Low humidity, low temperatures. High’s in the 80’s and lows in the 60’s at night. This is when everyone should visit. It’s so nice out. I think we’re supposed to get hot again for a couple of days this week but then back down to low 80’s.  Here’s some of our hard work:


a little herb bed. There’s pineapple sage, regular sage, cilantro and mint


Our tomatoes doing quite well!


I call this the land of the dead. I planted an almost dead mumm, the dead (maybe) stump from the jade tree and maybe some mint. Can’t remember what that third thing is. There’s also a plant in here that Phil ran over with the truck (when he moved in the piano) but it’s coming back to life. I’m hoping for similar results with the other deadish plants


The repotted and very much trimmed jade tree. I took the clippings and threw them in a bucket of water. If this doesn’t work I’ll start over with the clippings.


So we putzied and then had to drive back up to get the girl. The GPS says it’s 26 miles, but my car odometer says its 36 miles (one way). Wonder why the difference? Sunday without traffic only took about 3 hours up and back. And I made it back in time for more than ½ the game. Zenah had her Steeler sweatshirt on (light weight) – I wonder if she’ll understand when I make her wear it every week.

It seems like all I had to do was whine a little more than usual about not working and I got three job referrals. Zachary sent me a link to work at home typing from audio dictation and Sandie, who previously got me the interview at McKinsey, sent me two more referrals. So Sunday after the game I spent time trying to connect with them and I took three typing tests. My best score was 95 wpm – 100% accuracy. I know you’re dying to beat me Liesa Besong so here’s the links, just for you:

My worst score was 86 wpm with 6 errors. Then I did 82 wpm with 2 errors and finally the 95 wpm at 100%. Surely that should count for something? I remember a while ago I went to a Kelly Temp agency and they said I was the fastest typist they ever had. They never found me a job but at least I got an atta-boy.   I think my boys said one time they were going to put something on my grave that said something about being a fast typist, and that I made “ok” chocolate chip cookies. Dam kids.

Today I forced myself to clean bathrooms. It seems like I just did it and again they are dirty. Then I cleaned the hallway. Taking advantage of the fact that Phil is home working on his car and had the dog outside with him. Too bad it only lasts until the dog comes back inside. I have to admit that I am very disappointed with my Shark floor cleaner purchase. And it was my last purchase with my last paycheck. I wanted a steam cleaner and what I thought I was getting was an upgraded steam cleaner and polisher but nooooo, it’s supposed to be a cleaner and polisher but it does not clean well at all. It’s okay but I really wish I had the steamer. But again, it doesn’t really matter. It’s just a floor. It’s clean enough.


My Cathy Susko nice and shiny floor

So I spent the morning cleaning, going to hop in the shower and then go get the girl. She really needs to get her license.  I have a couple of errands to run this afternoon and then make dinner and the day is over. I’m thinking Salmon. Yummmm.

Tomorrow is volunteer day at the middle school and I also offered to stay longer to help with something else in the Cafeteria. Maybe something exciting will happen at the school? For the blog’s sake I sure hope so…

Until mañana,


3 Thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Haha!! Can’t wait to test myself on those typing sites!! I will see if I can beat my 135 wpm record on the electric typewriter from my Bradford days!!

  2. 135? I need to practice.

  3. I use a Shark steam cleaner on MY Cathy Susko floor. Works great. I add a little “Fabuloso” lavender scented cleaner to the water tank. Be sure you empty the tank when you’re done and leave it open when you aren’t using it, or you’ll get stinky water next time. I’m guessing it would be stinky X about 5 million in humid Florida.

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