We are now a two “working” car family, plus a yard car. Phil’s prized possession, his 16-year-old Land Rover, actually broke down enough that he had to bite the bullet and buy a new car. It didn’t break down enough to get rid of, but did force him into this century. Having a car for 16 years makes it part of the family so I agree that we should not get rid of it. Fixing it would be nice, but baby steps.

Anyone that’s bought a car knows how painful it can be. It all started on Monday when we accidentally looked at this one. This car dealer happened to be next to the Hobby shop we went to.


I pictured myself coming full circle from my mustang days in the 70’s.

mustang in the 70's

see the resemblance (yea, me neither)

I was pretty excited as we decided this would be “my” car and he would use the Nissan. That was the start of the new car idea. And then it just snowballed into Tuesday.

He started looking while I was slaving away at my volunteer job (j.k…I like my time there) then after I got home we started looking together. He had already been to the KIA place. Then I dropped him off at Exotic Motors while I went and picked up Zenah from school and brought her home. When I got back he had already made a decision to buy this one and was working on the paperwork.


I would surely look cute in this one

Then they discussed maybe this car had better value…


Even better

Then they came back with some ridiculous terms and we left….. 🙁

The end of that story is they called three times after we left but we had moved on. The biggest mistake they made, in my opinion, was not having us drive the cars first.  I think had we driven either one and fallen in love with it we would have been more willing to work with them.

So back to the KIA place and as they were bringing the car up for him to test drive we wandered over to the VW place (right beside the KIA) place and 5 hours later he drove this home. At one point I went to move my car from the KIA dealership and they still had the KIA Optima car,running, waiting for him. Oh well. Guess it wasn’t meant to be.


Welcome our new VW Passat. Very grownup and practical…dammit

And to further prove my selling point – at the VW dealer the sales man said exactly what I said.  Drive the car and fall in love with it and then they’ll give us a price.  Maybe I should sell cars…

So now we have two cars that have AC!! I guess my sports car days will just have to wait a couple more years. Who knows, maybe by then I’ll even have a job!

Why is buying a car so painful? What takes them 5 hours to process paperwork?  We ended up eating dinner last night after 9:00. I refused to eat fast food so we had a steak dinner at midnight. Needless to say I am dragging today. The great news of the day is the girl doesn’t need picked up until 4:00. That’s like an all-day-to-myself day. I don’t know what to do with myself. I haven’t read in weeks so maybe I’ll try that. I think this chair is calling me. But since writing this the sun has suddenly disappeared.  Maybe it’s a movie/couch day?


Maybe one day I’ll plan ahead and read at the beach! Who knows. The possibilities are endless!

Until mañana,


2 Thoughts on “New car – sticker day!

  1. scott monahan on October 29, 2014 at 4:32 pm said:

    dang, now I WANT a new car….I miss the smell. Looks like fun albeit a long day

    • Or you could do what I did and buy one of those smelly things for your car that is scented “new car”..I think I might get my car detailed. That might make it feel new too.

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