I am becoming that person sitting at the computer looking for pictures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts wedding. Also is Bruce Jenner really turning into a woman? And Jim Simons, did I go to high school with him? He has nice eyes. I don’t remember him from high school. I went and got out the yearbook. He’s a year ahead of me. I think he played trumpet. Funny how we remember people by what they played in Band…well some people….those in Band I guess.  These are the things keeping me from my to-do list.

Skies are clouding up and we are getting a cold front. The HIGHS this weekend might not get out of the 60’s. Brrrrr….Sweater weather for sure. I even happen to have a pair of UGGs that my niece gave me last year. She was throwing them away. That’s the only way I can get UGGs. I will be wearing them proudly at the soccer game on Saturday. Thanks Greer.

Yes we have a Soccer game on Saturday, and every Saturday from now thru February. And in February Lacrosse for the girl starts. I know you are all jealous that I will be back on that sideline. Jimmy played soccer for a couple of years. Not his best sport but I don’t remember him being bad. I remember Hayden being a good goalie and that they got to wear crazy clothes. That’s about the extent of what I remember. I still have the chair I used on the sidelines in those days. I will be reusing it! A good investment for sure. I think it was $6.

I’m not really a good sports mom, I think I push the kids too hard, at least subconsciously, I’m sure they would concur so maybe not subconsciously. I was watching Jorden practice last night and on the tip of my tongue I want to yell “get in there Jorden” but he was in there so I didn’t say anything. I then did some deep thinking about how I need to let it go and just let him play. I think my biggest fear is that they’ll be made fun of somehow. I hate kids to be made fun of. I’m just too protective maybe? The girl was funny talking about sports. She said “oh we suck at sports” and just laughed it off. She just likes to be part of it and do the conditioning. She is a smart girl. We wanted to pay her for her A’s (as really motivation for Jorden) but she doesn’t want paid. She said her reward will be getting into a good college and hoping for scholarship money. She said paying her for her A’s would ruin it and said that’s what she’s supposed to do, get A’s. She’s too smart. That’s why I didn’t pay my kids either. They are supposed to get A’s. Poor Zachary. Jimmy got A’s too though. Hey if I could do it over and HAD money, well maybe I would do it the same. I don’t know. We really don’t get do-overs so what’s the point in thinking about it.

Jorden’s report card wasn’t bad. He didn’t get anything lower than a C and got good marks for being a nice kid. When I mentioned that his grades weren’t that bad he said “I know, I bet if I did my homework they would be even better!” What a kid. He knows he’s lazy. He just doesn’t care. This is a great story though…the day we were in the car leaving for Miami I got a call on my cell from the school about Jorden. We weren’t even a block away and I assumed that we were going to have to go pick him up, and that he was sick or he did something wrong but after a minute or so when they said this is a “good” call I put them on speaker so Phil could listen. They were calling to say that Jorden did this wonderful thing by going to sit with a kid that was all alone in the lunch room, he bought him ice cream and made the kid feel better. Both Phil and I were teary. They gave him some “good citizenship” award. When I complimented Jorden at home he said he had bought cookies and cream flavored ice cream and he didn’t want it. His comment “Why would they make cookies and cream ice cream? That’s disgusting” – and he had to ask the kid about homework. He down played it but I know he’s a nice kid. But then he wants to know if he gets something for being nice (he’s relentless) and suggested Disney. I suggested that he did not save someone from a burning building; only gave him ice cream that he didn’t want. So he got dinner and movie instead. Not everyone is a straight A student. Thank heavens for those little ones that give you ice cream that they don’t want. One man’s junk is another’s treasure. That saying fits this scenario too doesn’t it? Zenah got almost all straight A’s. Almost…They both got additional notes of having excellent behavior, good attitude and excellent performance.   So instead of Jorden being good at home and bad at school he’s good at school and bad at home. He’s not really bad, except to his dad and Zenah. But then again, he’s a teenage boy. They are all PIA’s right? Do I get an Amen?

I have a to-do list today. And the afternoon to do it again. The girl has after school activities. I really need to vote. They have early voting down here but everyday I forget to go. Today’s the day, I’m going. Will I or won’t I vote for medical marijuana? Maybe that will be our family business? Babe? What about THAT idea? AND I have to go look at marble or granite to replace the top to the buffet that got broken in the move. We priced a piece of granite. Only $300ish. I was expecting more. We both liked this dark green but I don’t know. I don’t love it. I need to keep looking.

Phil met another neighbor last night. Neighbor Linda hasn’t been back since day one when she showed up with cookies for Phil and was visibly disappointed that I wasn’t Phil and that I was even here. I just found out that her husband died over a year ago. I assumed he was still living over there. Now I know why she was so disappointed. She may have wanted “my” man. Well she can’t have him….yet. JK.. She waves to me now so maybe she’s getting over her disappointment.

Hey this weekend is Witchstock in Palm Harbor. That might be fun, if we’re not freezing. They’re giving out prizes for costumes. One of the prizes is for “Best Medical Marijuana Costume.” Yep this is the town I live in. Phil suggested dressing up. I suggest we observe this year. Maybe next year we’ll join in the fun. Maybe…

Better get to my list. Lots to do on it today.

Until mañana,


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