Whoever said Florida doesn’t have seasons never lived here. We are in Fall baby. And perfect timing. Day after Halloween seems like when it should be getting on with Fall. October has been pretty darn nice with low humidity and pleasant temperatures but this weekend we were cold! It was great. At Jorden’s soccer game on Saturday all the parents were in their chairs with blankets. I didn’t have a blanket but then again I did have a warmer jacket and I’m not that much of a sissy….yet. Plus the sun STILL shines at 60°, and it’s still warm!


Friday night was Halloween. I finished decorating (last-minute yes) and Phil finished with the pièce de résistance, a smoke machine and music. We were ready to go at 6:00. Think we got 12 kids, all middle school age, and I only saw 3 of them. Around 8:00 Phil and I decided to walk around a couple of neighborhoods to see decorations so we missed about 6 kids. I also think our driveway was too dark so next year we will plan accordingly. Today my self-imposed job is to take all the decorations down. Figured I’d get this update out-of-the-way first so I could continue without interruption (HA!..like that ever happens)


Marcus the Carcass has been with me several years. Always screaming from under the ground.


Family project…

SAM_0831 SAM_0832 SAM_0833 SAM_0834

Saturday was Jorden’s first soccer game (well first here in Palm Harbor, he’s played before). They tied, we sat in chairs, perfect Fall day. In the evening Phil and I went into our town, ate at  Thirsty Marlin, decided it’s a good place to take any out-of-town visitors, then ended up back at the Witches Brew in time for the costume contest, had our hemp brownie, which apparently cures cancer, and back home. We had to SHUT windows it was so cold.


Good thing I saved my winter stuff


Thank you Greer for the UGGs..

Yesterday we watched The Departed. I got it from the library, all proud of myself for not spending any money, and then ½ way thru the darn thing sticks. So I had to rent it on Amazon to see the end of it. Phil had never seen it. It’s a good, albeit violent-as- heck, movie. Everybody is in it. Really good. Anyway, after that I decided to go to the beach. I wanted to feel like I was in Nantucket walking on the beach in the cold. It was great. And not that cold. We only spent an hour but it was very rejuvenating for us both just to sit by the water with our faces in the sun.  Just beautiful!!

IMG_20141102_155107 IMG_20141102_155113 IMG_20141102_155258 IMG_20141102_160809 IMG_20141102_160854 IMG_20141102_164900 IMG_20141102_165353 IMG_20141102_165405

Last night Tashah came for a visit, we watched some TV together, in front of the fire,  and then I hibernated to watch the rest of the Steeler game. WOO HOO. What a game. We looked like the Steelers! I don’t know what’s going on but I think it might be the sweatshirt that Zenah’s been wearing on Steeler day.


We have tons of pine cones – makes great kindling


making smores


cozy cozy cozy (and warm!)

Other than this mindless chattering there is nothing new to report. It is life, as is becoming usual, in Palm Harbor Florida…..where I live……finally!

Until Mañana,



One Thought on “Another Halloween, come and gone…

  1. Ja Nelly on November 3, 2014 at 4:35 pm said:

    OH Lynny,
    The tops of your pants NEVER go over the tops of the Uggs! The pants are always tucked down into. If your gonna wear them, you gotta wear them right! That’s what my daughter would say. Ja Nelly

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