So as not to delay you from your right to vote, I have just a few fast facts for today:

  • Did You Know? Facts About Woman Suffrage ..
  • Beaver High School Auditorium has 900 seats – plus you can add an additional 100 or so.
  • Palm Harbor High School seats a little under 800 (Phil was right)..I wonder what QV holds?
  • Pulling the fire alarm is a federal offense (as per the Principal’s announcement this morning after the fire alarm was pulled)
  • There are 70 cameras at the Palm Harbor Middle School. Someone’s child is in a lot of trouble.
  • Just because you break a tooth doesn’t stop you from being hungry. It does make chewing and eating less enjoyable however.
    • Also breaking a tooth can change your whole mood and put quite the damper on your day.
      • Also when you have bad teeth to begin with you should never, I repeat NEVER, eat caramel.
  • Sometimes, even when it’s supposed to be 78° it just feels cold enough to sit in front of the heater, on the floor.
  • For the committee: It’s been awhile since I’ve received a token. Under the circumstances should I be concerned?
  • Sometimes I don’t feel like doing the dishes and I’m perfectly fine leaving them there.
  • I suspect I will never tire of putting my face in the sun which may be a problem in the premature aging department.
  • I’m not a fan of the Green Bean Casserole – doesn’t have much taste.

And the last fast fact for today:

  • CVS charges TWICE as much as Staples for headphones. TWICE as much.

The floor and blanket are calling my name.

Until mañana,




One Thought on “Fast Fact Tuesday

  1. Debbie Monahan on November 7, 2014 at 10:22 am said:

    Loved the fun fact post. Now I feel a little more educated! By the way, no one continues to look 20. So enjoy the sun, it puts a smile on your face!

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