Today I’m waiting.

My dentist appointment is not until 1:30. The worst thing about the broken tooth is there is a very sharp edge that cuts my tongue if I talk, eat, drink and/or breathe. However, sleeping last night was good, even though I apparently continued to breathe.

I decided to make banana bread again because it seemed to go over okay. Zenah loved it and I liked it and now we have cream cheese. But only 2 of the bananas are over ripe. I have to wait until tomorrow for the third banana to be over ripe. Tomorrow I’ll make the banana bread.

Florida voted NO on the Medical Marijuana issue. I thought for sure it would be a landslide YES, being Florida and all. And really it’s not accurate to say it was voted “no”. 58% voted YES and 42% voted NO. Even though it sounds like a win there had to be 60% of the votes to say YES. Interesting. All very interesting. My vote for Governor didn’t win either. My candidate lost by 1% point. ONE. My Attorney General won though. I’ve only been here now what, going on 6 months?, and I have “my” candidates already. As far as the overall Republican turn out, guess now we have to wait and see what happens next…if anything. I like to say I hate politics but really I think the whole back and forth is both maddening and fascinating. I’m thankful for Nate Firestone’s class that I audited on the American Government. Gives me a better appreciation that we’ve been nuts for a long time and have never agreed. It’s just fascinating, to watch, from a distance. I like this news update I’ve subscribed to called The Skimm. Not that I’m plugging them, but it’s all I need to stay updated without watching the news. My Jimmy has always hated the news. Even as a little kid he would make me turn it off. I see his point mostly. I do like the weather forecast though.

I’m watching Sam, the dog, chase squirrels in the side yard. I’m waiting for him to knock the fence down.

Seems like a lot of my life has been spent waiting for something to happen next. I’m here now and settled in and just waiting to see what happens next. Maybe this is it? I shall work on accepting the status quo, which ain’t bad at all.

In the meantime, I shall take my Scrabble turns because my brother is always waiting for me to take my turn. Brothers, PIA’s I tell you.

Until mañana,


2 Thoughts on “Waiting Wednesday

  1. Scott monahan on November 5, 2014 at 11:40 am said:

    Uh….we’re you referring to THIS brother???? Uh????

  2. well, if the shoes fits…it’s all I’m sayin..

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