A late day entry today as the plan was to get some chillaxing, nee Lyming, in before blogging. It semi worked.  I got maybe an hour in, poolside.  The sun is just not there over the pool anymore, apparently it’s path has changed. And believe it or not it’s chilly in the shade.

Otherwise a normal day, laundry, dishes, bathrooms (no floors) – hey did I mention how yesterday I used baking soda and vinegar to clean out the clogged bathtub drain? I think it may have worked. It was pretty cool watching the bubbling going on. It’s supposed to work as an alternative to Draino. It’s a slow drain to begin with and then add two kids with really long THICK hair, well it’s doomed from the start. But I was pretty proud of myself. What did we do before Google eh?

Have I talked about the Dry Cleaner? It’s a Drive thru? First of all, having 6 or 7 shirts laundered and pressed for under $20 is like a god-send. Not only do they do that for you but it’s a drive thru so you never have to get out of your car. I mean who would have thunk it?

There are Dry Cleaners and Nail/Hair Salons every block. I don’t know how they all stay in business. There is every kind of store imaginable down here. It’s hard to discover them all because they are on either side of an 8 lane highway. Well actually that’s just ONE place they are. There’s all these other streets that we haven’t explored that could have hundreds of more shops. For instance I took a side street today to see where it would end up and passed a nursery. Now who knew it was even back there? Ya know? And although it’s nice having all these stores everywhere there is something to be said for walking “up street” in Sewickley and knowing where everything is…and when you need something really big you plan in advance to cross the big water (the Ohio River) and make your way to the mall…Kmart if you’re lucky. It’s just different here. Which is good because I wanted different.

Tonight is date night. We had to switch from Wednesday nights because Jorden has soccer practice now on those nights. Tonight we might try going into the city for this Tampa Bay Design Week to see what that’s all about. At least that’s the “plan”. I saw it advertised watching a Tampa Bay news show. Perhaps I will have something fun to report on the next update. With pictures. ??

I’m counting down the days for my Pittsburgh visit. Very excited to see the boys, the fam, and the friends. Not sure about that cold but I guess I can suck it up for a week. At least I know it won’t last. Last year we came to Tampa for Thanksgiving week and I froze. So see? You just never know.

Until mañana or maybe Monday,



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