T- minus 20 minutes and counting until a Skype interview.  I am sure that in exactly 20 minutes when the Skype call comes in, the pool man will ring the door bell, the dog will bark, both phones will start ringing and my computer will automatically reboot.  But in the meantime I have 20 minutes to compose myself.  Nothing like blogging to allay some of that nervous energy.

Sooo, where did I leave off?  The weekend?  I can’t remember…let’s see, oh yes, Phil put the plants in.  He’s dug up and out a lot of the plantings here, hope they don’t care, and we are looking forward to very healthy eating soon. He put black netting around it to keep out vermin.  Sam immediately ran through it.  He will just have to pee somewhere else for the next few months.

We went and saw Interstellar Saturday night.  The only reason I had any idea what was going on was because I live with a bunch of engineers who talk about different dimensions and gravity and time and so I had at least an inkling about what the heck was going on. And the debriefing after the movie helped.  Jimbo saw it and said he had no idea what happened in that movie.  I have mixed emotions about it.  It was pretty heavy and very science-heavy.  Again if it wasn’t for the Baker’s I’d be as lost as Jimbo.

Tampa decided to show golf advertising on CBS during the game on Sunday.  Probably because they want everyone to watch Tampa Bay.  So I decided to go to the local bar, Peggy O’Neills, and watch the game there.  I didn’t get there until into the third quarter.  I thought we looked good but then WTF with the missed field goal and well anyone that cares knows the outcome.  But that was something new for me, going to the bar, alone, watching the game, with my ice tea and french fries.  My sister called and we chatted while I was there.  So it didn’t really feel like I was alone. I was with my sister at the bar, eating french fries and drinking ice tea.  A lovely afternoon for sure.

Then we had a full house of Bakers for dinner.  Alyna brought and cooked it all.  I made the desserts.

Yesterday was total chillaxing.  I mean total.  I slept late, I only emptied the dishwasher.  No laundry, no cleaning, nothing, just gave myself a mental break.  I also called my old college friend “Cute” (her name is Mary Cute) – we talked a pretty long time and we’re meeting today around 4:00.  Her old Edinboro roommate, Mary Pat, is also supposed to join us.  It should be lots of fun.  I haven’t seen either of them since 1977.  Well maybe I’ve seen Cute since then, but in any event it will be an Edinboro southern reunion.  Another floormate, Peggy, lives in Sarasota (or maybe she lived downstairs from us, I can’t remember).  We’ll have to call her next time.  We are all about an hour or so from each other.

I just put the dog in the music room and shut the door, put a note outside on the doorbell telling Steve (pool boy) to go on back (he’s fixing something with the filter today), I took both phones and threw them in the bedroom and shut the door. I put on a bra, mascara and earrings, just little diamond studs.  I’m ready right? Have the computer facing a blank wall. 3 minutes to go.  Meanwhile she never confirmed who was calling who(m).  She’s supposed to call me right?

I remember a time when I didn’t ever have to look for a job.  They found me.  I mean I turned jobs down a lot.  Does everyone know the Sam Kinney story?  Jimmy and Sam went to preschool together and were friends.  His mom, Trish, said her husband was wondering if I would be interested in helping him with this new company although we would be working in the dining room for a while.  I mean they sought me out, ya know?  I’m like “pishaw” no, I’m not interested in that.  You know what that company became right?  FreeMarkets?  Do you know how my life would be so drastically different now if I didn’t think I was above working in a dining room?  Do you know???  Oh well, Karma’s a bitch apparently.  Here I am sitting in my dining room HOPING I get to work from here.

Well it was 11:02 and she didn’t call me so I called her and she had to call me back.  Is that a bad sign?  Should I have waited?…now I’m sweating…and I have to wait and see if she’ll call back.   Looked like maybe she was knitting.

She called back!!  WOO HOO!…it went well.  Of course I always think that and then comes the dreaded email…”thank you for your time but you suck.”  The job is transcribing interviews for CBS.  How about that?  Would be very interesting.  Lots of tests to take to get to the next step so I’m not going to hatch those chickens…or count any eggs.  But at least it is something to hope for.

And now I must get on with my day, release the beast from his confinement and follow-up with my yoga commitment.

Later dudes and dudettes,


3 Thoughts on “They call me Mrs. Huwiggins

  1. whattttttt you , mary cute, mary pat together…..need pics hope it happened and was a good time,,,when are you gonna be in pgh ?

  2. Ok, so my question is what kind of job are you interviewing for where you wear a bra, mascara and earrings for the interview ??

    BTW we were just talking about Mrs wiggins & mr tudball at work the other day.

    At a job where we were fully dressed.

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