Hello, it’s me!!  I know I’ve been off-the-line lately.  Just not a whole lot to report.  I’m getting too bored with myself.  The weather has been beautiful, like really beautiful, but today it’s very cloudy and windy, and if feels like it’s 100 degrees although it just must be humidity.  A storm is passing thru later today and then tomorrow the high is only going to be in the 50’s.  They’re saying it’s going to be in the 30’s at night too.  That’s really BRRRRRR.  The difference is it’ll bounce back up, although slowly, whereas in Pittsburgh you have at least three more months of that BRRRR weather to get thru.  I have two weeks of Pittsburgh weather coming up to get thru.  Well maybe 10 days or so.  Thus the packing dilemma begins.  Different from summer I’m thinking 2 pairs of jeans wear a sweater, bring a sweater and throw in a hoody.  Those are my outfits for the visit.  The number 1 goal will be to stay warm while holding my brand new baby nephew.  Kai Richard was born Sunday morning weighing in at 7 lbs something.  He’s 3 weeks early but apparently ready or not.  So how fun will that be to hold the new baby, while the other two wild things jump on me?

I pretty much did nothing last week as far as cleaning so a lot to make up for this week.  It’s futile though as I’ll clean today for instance and by the time I leave on Friday it needs it again, ya know? So why bother.  But I’ll make a good show of it anyway.  We actually bought a couple of Christmassy type things to start decorating when I get back.  He’ll probably have the whole house decorated before I return.

Our garden is still there.  Might have to cover it tomorrow night if it’s going to get that cold.  The tomatoes are still green.  I don’t know, they may need more “hot” weather.  The weather is just being beautiful these days, which may not be conducive to red tomatoes.

Weekend was pleasant.  Jorden had a soccer game.  I sat in the sun – like pure sun for two hours but didn’t get sunburn.  What’s up with that?  It’s Florida, shouldn’t I be at least pink?  Also the footwear is an issue.  I am paying attention at the game to the various footwear.  We have everything from flip-flops (my shoe of choice) to boots.  I mean there were women there with boots on, snow boots.  They’re crazy but hey I want to fit it so should I wear my snow boots when it’s 70 and not a cloud in the sky?  I think I need some new Uggs. Saturday night we went to a Seafood Festival in Tarpon Springs.  I wore a long skirt and boots.  I don’t know, I guess it was okay.  We had Greek food at the Seafood Festival.  We eat seafood all the time.

Sunday I took the girl to a Dale Carnegie presentation for the girl scouts.  She completed the course last year and they wanted her to talk about her experience.  So I waited there.  This time I wore the same long skirt with the flip-flops.  I like that look better .  ANYWAY, since I stayed I had to participate.  I mouthed to her across the room “I’m going to kill you” to which she smiled.  Luckily she did not take me seriously and a good time was had by all.  They want her to help coach in the spring – Every Sunday for 8 weeks.  She better get her license is all I have to say about that…She’s working on it.

Friday morning my entire morning was spent on the phone with Verizon trying to log on to pay the bill and seeing what I can cut out to save on the bill.  I mean ALLLL morning.  And I didn’t even make a decision about what to cut out.  It looks like it’s going to be the sports channel.  Nobody here, other than me, watches sports so after tonight’s game on ESPN I guess I’ll cancel that.  Then anything on ESPN I’ll just have to head to the nearest bar.  We have to keep STARZ because of Outlander.  It’s coming back on right?  But when?  Cable is such a rip off.  If only I ruled the world.

Well, best get to that cleaning business.  The day’s a wasting, but a lovely lovely cloudy day, good for inside work.  OOOOHHHH, I just heard thunder.  Time to hunker down, we have our firewood and ready for the chilly night.  Bring it on.

Until when I have something to say,



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