It’s cold.  I hope you northerners are happy about my misery.  And it’s getting colder tonight.  Now when I say cold let me qualify by saying I’m wearing a light sweater and no coat; however, I think a light jacket is necessary.  It’s 48.  And that is cold.  Down in the 30’s tonight, but I’ve already shared that.  I guess it’s a little preview of what I’m in for next week during my Pittsburgh visit.  Although it looks like there will be a warm up next week.

I worked at the middle school this morning.  I have a couple 7th grade girls out to get me.   One of them forgot that I am the adult.  Guess she wasn’t real happy with being reminded.  Dam kids.  Middle school work studies are quite a bit different from our college age work studies.  I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to strangle them.

Dentist appointment today at 4:00.  Cha ching….

Made Shrimp scampi last night – I thought it was delicious, and really that’s all that counts right?

Thinking of pulling out some homemade chicken broth today so it smells good when children come home in the cold. I’m just not sure about that broth though.  But we’ll see.  If anyone gets sick then I’ll know for next time not to wait so long before freezing.

Oh and hey, what about dem Stillers?  Although I have a soft spot for Ken Whisenhut I’m glad the Steelers were able to pull it together.  Even without Zenah wearing her lucky sweatshirt.

Oh wait, can I be the proud GREAT Aunt and share my new baby picture?  I am very excited to see him:

baby kai

I have a couple of hours before the dentist so I think I’ll catch up on my TV.  Anybody know when Downton Abbey is coming back on?  And really, can’t they bring the Guiding Light back?  Is it too much to ask?



2 Thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside

  1. Lynn,
    I miss Guiding Light so much too. I still have my fingers crossed that it will come back. But you can look up episodes on youtube.

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