Have I mentioned how happy I am to be living in Florida? Have I mentioned it lately? Last night, date night, we drove to Indian Rocks, had dinner at a lovely little place called Guppy’s, then walked across the street and walked on a beautiful moonlit beach. The moon was so bright you would have thought there were lights on. It was absolutely beautiful. We walked on the beach awhile, under the moonlight and then drove back home, up the coast, looking at all the Christmas decorations. I mean an absolutely beautiful night. And my salad was good too. Bacon wrapped shrimp in a salad with figs, goat cheese and balsamic. The shrimps were so big I couldn’t even eat them all. Imagine that….

Today has started off well. Up at 7:00, walked with the BF, and I’ve been going ever since. Not like going, but I’ve been awake at least. I thought I’d pound this blog out and then just head to the Winn Dixie and get gas. Big day, right?  🙂 Zenah has been bringing her group over from Physics. I need to stock up on the snacks. They are working on a catapult. Due Monday. They had one but are now rebuilding because it has to shoot/throw a water balloon 30 meters…for those of you that have no idea how far that is, like me, it’s far. It’s 30 yards. So the group, i.e. mostly Zenah, is working her butt off trying to get it to work. They’re out there with drills, saws, etc. I keep thinking that Jorden would put it together in 10 minutes but I could be giving him too much credit…I don’t know though.


This is much bigger than the first one.

Phil and Jorden looked at a school this week that specializes in Architectural and Building Engineering. They have to make a decision by early January whether this is the school of choice for him for next year. Pretty cool how you can hop around like this. I like this county we live in. Very progressive…in my opinion.

So, guess what? We have to rake leaves. The leaves are changing colors and dropping off. Just like up north. Phil said this is unusual and they usually don’t fall off until the spring when the new leaves push the old leaves off. In any event there is yard work to do this weekend.

SAM_0868 SAM_0869 SAM_0870

And our garden is growing, and our tomatoes are red. BLTs for lunch tomorrow! WOO HOO!!


Then moving the fall Mumms to the land of the dead and replacing with Poinsettias. We can plant Poinsettias outside. I mean how cool is this?


Notice the nutcracker already in position guarding the house.


Poinsettias…outside…I mean like how cool

Maybe for Christmas we will be harvesting our garden. I am loving this climate,


and Lovin life….

Have a good weekend,


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