The weekend was so lovely. Saturday’s weather was perfect. We rode bikes to the arts festival/fair thingy and then got pissed off because they were charging admission. Really? REALLY? So we both boycotted the event and went to breakfast instead. We heard it was the first year they were charging. A lot of people in our breakfast place were complaining. I think we’ll write some letters. When we asked where the money was going the answer was “scholarships” …like for who? Ya know? We thought if it was going back into the community that was one thing, but scholarships?  Quite the disappointment. I had my heart set on buying our first piece of art together. Instead we stopped at a couple of garage sales and bought 2 rakes, a shirt, and a new bowl. We need the rakes for the yard. Really we do. So for $5 we got some useful junk. Then to Jorden’s soccer game. We won’t discuss the game other than to say we both got a lot of sun. I needed it. My trip up north was making me look a bit peaked. We worked in the yard with our new rakes and started decorating outside. A beautiful day.


The girls came over last night for dinner and helped their dad decorate a little. Tashah mostly slept. I think that’s a complement, no it’s a compliment dammit, that your kids feel so comfortable at your house that they sleep.  I made a delicious dinner. That White Chicken Chili some of you have had, rice, a delicious salad with tomatoes from our garden and corn bread. Oh wait, get this, you know I try to be so careful when Alyna, the star chef, is coming. First of all I don’t want her to have to cook when she visits. She deserves a day off too right? And I want them to just be able to visit with each other. So I made White Chicken Chili and instead of putting in 1 ½ tsp of coriander I put in 1 ½ TBS of coriander. Ya know? What an idiot. BUT I will tell you it was delicious anyway. Turns out coriander is effective in lowering both blood pressure and blood sugar. So we were all zen last night. Tashah apparently more zen than the rest of us.

Phil has a big family and they have A LOT of stuff, as I have mentioned, and Christmas is the season of “stuff” isn’t it? I think more than one of them in this family have been collectors. I don’t know that I would have been any different had I had the space or finances but it’s quite a task to try to make sense of it. We’ve gotten through Halloween and Thanksgiving quite well. I’ve organized those bins for next year and yes we have four bins just for Halloween and Thanksgiving. What can I say? I like fall and pumpkins. So really, I have no room to “judge”, but I do have to make some sense of it.   Trying to find places for everything will probably help me take my mind off of the other stuff.


The trouble with combining families and combining traditions is well one of has to make concessions. I make concessions with being with my family and he makes concessions with his money enabling me to visit my family as much as I have. I am thankful to have had the 10 days over Thanksgiving which encompassed a lot of visiting and Zachary’s birthday. I know Christmas is only one day but it’s an important family day. I have warned the BF that this is going to be a very very hard year for me but I don’t know if he really appreciates how hard. The fact that I cried all day on my birthday this year should give him some idea of what’s to come. But I shall remember that even though I can’t be home for Christmas with my kids that should not and will not negate all the good stuff about being here. Jimmy has already come up with the idea of him and Zach getting together and Skyping me in for breakfast. I told him how Mrs. Swegal did that with me for one of the Bunkos. It really is not a bad idea at all. Maybe we can plan breakfast together and they can be with this family while I am with them at the same time. I LIKE it!

So another milestone and passage in this personal journey of mine is about to take place. I have built traditions and events around the holidays; always of course around my boys. Certain decorations are always out that remind us of years past, pictures are on the wall, certain music we always listen to and then of course the different meals all with matching plates (HA!) that well we’ve been doing for 32 years. Certain traditions have changed, like I only started cooking Christmas Eve the past couple of years so my sister and family could come after Grandma Dee stopped cooking (and I could use my fancy dishes) but we have always had breakfast with dishes I only use for Christmas morning.

The good news is I have place settings for 8 with all those dishes and maybe this year I’ll get to use all of them. And there are new traditions that I get to be part of this year, like we’re going to go, as a family, to help with Toys for Tots one day. Something Leslie is organizing. Zenah has a chorus concert this week and I’ve always loved those. High school performances are so good. Phil was listening to his old band albums last night from when he was in the Swing Band in high school. They were sooo good. Oh also, Zenah is singing in the Candlelight Processional at Disney on December 30. That’s a tradition I could get used to. So it’s all good. We will figure this out.

But first this:


Yea, not feeling it…


Here’s a little combo of families, Santas from Bakers, a couple of me things.

Christmas time is here
Happiness and cheer
Fun for all that I have called
My favorite time of the year


Until mañana,


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