It’s 1:30 ish, I’m exhausted, and I’m not even out of my p.j.’s yet. Well, not exactly p.j.’s but sweats. Same thing.

The only thing of relevance to report today is that I’ve been on the phone ALL morning juggling dentist appointments, getting new insurance and subsequently a new dentist. And I think I’ve found a new doctor. She graduated from OU. Go Bobcats! I’m going to have insurance as of the first of the year, thank you Obama, (not to get political, just sayin) and so I’ll be able to catch up with some long overdue appointments. I was also able to get dental coverage taking that crown cost down to $285. So now all I have to do is wait until January and hope I can stand it. It is a bit painful but it’s only 20 more days. If I have to I’ll go early and just have to pay out-of-pocket to get started. Lord knows I have 8 more to do so at least it’s getting manageable.

So that’s taken up all of my day so far.

I have my heater on today. It’s 60 and sunny. I could probably go sit in the sun and warm up, our house is pretty shady.

Christmas decorations are coming along nicely. Philip put some more lights up outside last night. They look beautiful. We’re sorting through the stuff inside as well. He has “promised” (okay not promised but I’m hopeful) that we can have a yard sale. There is a lot of great stuff in these bins that someone will have to have. Maybe we can do that in like February? Maybe we can get the neighborhood involved? Lots of possibilities. That will give me something to do after the holidays.

Yesterday I worked at the school in the a.m. We were really busy. Lots of kids leaving school yesterday. Then I met the BF for lunch and then he gave me a to-do list. I stayed pretty true to the list other than the huge poinsettia I just had to have. I mean look at this.


I just walked out to get the mail and it’s beautiful. I think I’ll go for a walk.

Until mañana,



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