Last night was our girl’s Christmas concert. I love high school Christmas concerts. It was quite the extravaganza. First was the jazz band. About 25 piece. They were good. They performed about 5 pieces. Then the full choir came out and performed 3 or so selections, then the orchestra about 3 pieces. We then had intermission. I don’t think QV ever had intermission. Then after intermission it was the Women’s Choir (Zenah is in that) – then, let’s see, the Advanced Mixed Choir, then the Symphonic Band, they were fabulous, really good sound and then the Women’s Choir again. But wait that’s not all….The Grand Finale was another grouping of the Symphonic Band who did Sleigh Ride (Leroy Anderson) and it sounded wonderful. Such a good job. Then the choir and the band joined together for the last two pieces. Wonderful. All Christmas music.  I was missing Boice’s African choices of songs.

So while we were seated in the 800 person auditorium(smaller than Beaver’s 900 seat auditorium remember) I’m looking around and I realized I’m not going to see Mrs. Williams. I’ve been seeing Mrs. Williams at Christmas concerts since I was in high school. That’s alot of Christmases. Then I realized I wouldn’t be seeing anyone. And then, unlike seeing Mrs. Williams,  I thought about that uncomfortable feeling you get when you see someone you’ve known all your life but you don’t know whether to say hi to them or not. Nancy Burtch comes to mind. Why is that? Why do we say hi to some people and then other people we either walk down another aisle or just act like we don’t know them at all, when actually we (in Sewickley anyway) have known them, their siblings, and their kids all our lives. Is that just a Sewickley thing? I understand not wanting to run into certain people who will detain you from your quick errand but really…well, you all know what I’m talking about. Well none of that here in Palm Harbor. I’m turning over a new leaf. I saw Dolly, who volunteers with me at the middle school, and we did say hello and I introduced her to my man.  Then the husbands (my pseudo husband) shake hands.  Like friends, ya know? I think I’m going to try something new, like saying hello to everyone that I’ve met. Wonder if I can do it. That Sewickley snobbery runs pretty deep. But actually I don’t even know if it’s snobbery it’s just easier to get through your day without having to chat, but really is a “hello” and a smile too much? I shall make it part of the new me. Being friendly and all. But if the guys start getting too friendly I’m giving them “ya gotta be kidding me” look again. I used to have that look down pat. Unfortunately I haven’t had to use that look for about 20 years. Damn father-time.

Today I sat in the sun for about 30 minutes. It’s chilly-ish, only in the 60’s but that sun is sooo nice. Then a yoga class finally. Felt so good. I’m hopeful to get back on track. I need to clean these floors but I think I might opt for a quick walk instead…just around the block maybe. Maybe if I get these old bones moving again, things (as in body parts), will start feeling better. I hear this new thing, called exercise, does wonders.

Tonight is a one-act play thingy at the high school that Zenah is in. Another family night. Love family nights. We’re only staying for her one-act though. We don’t know anybody else. Hmm, if I start saying hello to people does that mean I have to stay and watch their kids?

Until mañana,



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