Today is Payday – 9 shopping days left. I got an early start, but really more errands than shopping. I saw a couple of things at Michael’s over the weekend I just had to have, so I went back today to get them. The over the door thing doesn’t fit over the door, the bulbs that I wanted were sold out, I decided I didn’t really need this one particular book anyway, and so it was kind of a bust. Oh and I felt so thrifty printing out my 50%-off-one-item coupon that ended up not working on anything. Stupid Michaels. Then just getting gas and some food to get through the day and then back to cleaning. I believe there was a comment at Bunko when I was home that I do a lot of cleaning. I am backing off a bit BUT it’s all about the dog hair. After Max(my dog) died I realized how much dirt a dog makes. It’s amazing how much dirt a dog makes. A 110 pound dog makes 3 times the dirt and hair that Max did. But anyway, it’s all good. The windows are open, it’s a beautiful day and all is well in the Baker/Monahan household.

I believe we are done decorating, I believe. We are both very happy with our stuff. Outside looks beautiful all lit up. He did a great job. Only one other neighbor has lights out. But around other neighborhoods there are lights galore. I just read an article that talked about “us” here in the south not needing snow. We have LIGHTS!! We do have cold, but not cold. We have had a fire in the fireplace for the last 3 or 4 nights. It’s been sooo cozy. But today the windows are open. I’ll try and get some nighttime pictures this week.

Saturday Jorden had a game at the crack of dawn (9 a.m.) I ran around to a couple of garage sales first to look for bookshelves, no luck, and ended up getting to the game for the second half. They put Jorden in as goalie. I was like WHY? The worried pseudo parent that I am, afraid he’s going to disappoint himself and the team. I mean he is pretty small, but then we have 8 year olds on the team too. Anyway, the score was 4-0 when I got there (we were losing)– after they put Jorden in the other team didn’t score any more goals. He stopped them all! He was the star!! One of his teammates said to him on the way out “great save Jorden, best goalie we ever had.” How happy were we? How relieved was Jorden? So a good Saturday as well. After that, we just putzied the rest of the day. I think we hit up a couple more garage sales. Got 2 tennis racquets for 50 cents each. Do we play tennis? No, but we might someday. Maybe we’ll have guests (Jimmy, Scott) that want to play? You just never know.

We also had a parade on Saturday. I was able to walk down and watch it. The boys passed on it and Zenah was at a friends. I went by myself. I had to see Santa or I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I fought some of the kids for candy, got one beaded necklace and three pieces of candy for Jorden. It was fun. Only one band though. Perhaps I will join the committee, getting pointers from Ms. Susko, and get some more music/bands in there.


Palm Harbor University High School Marching Band




Missing Chuck Soman


yea,,,,was surprised not to see a rebel flag on this one


Go Ohio State!


The team Zenah is on


The “float” Zenah was supposed to be on – but was not


this was different – Arthur Murry studios dancing down the street


God bless us one and all..


THERE HE IS!!! Can you see him? It’s really him!! I could tell. His wife was there too. Guess she likes the weather here.

Yesterday we (Phil and I) went to the beach. Not a cloud in the sky. We put on our sweatshirts and walked the beach for a couple of hours. I even put my feet in the water. The air temperature was around 62 ish – water temp about the same. What a beautiful day. We stayed for the sunset, clapped when it went down (as is tradition here) and then somebody played taps. It was something. Do I miss the snow? Do I? HECK no. I love it here. I love driving around with a sweatshirt on, and only a sweatshirt, looking at the lights, sitting at the beach and looking at the greatest decoration of all, the sunset. We really are having a great time.

Until mañana,


4 Thoughts on “I saw Santa!

  1. Debbie Monahan on December 16, 2014 at 11:01 am said:

    I love the parade and Arthur Murry dancers! I’m thinking it would be nice to walk around in a sweatshirt in December. Rethinking my northern house purchase….nawww…can’t, it’s way closer to get to! I can always vacation south…hehehehe. Since our mom’s are gone, I am hosting Christmas Eve for my side of family and then Christmas Day for Dan’s family. Also a 30th birthday party for Erin at my house on Jan. 3rd and a baby shower for her on Jan. 18th, so it looks like I’ll be a busy bee until ….?? In case I don’t get a chance to write, To you and Phil and family: MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! May Santa bring you all the thing you want and God give you all his gifts in life.
    Love you,

  2. haha – i think that I will suggest Arthur Murray dancers for the Memorial Day parade this year!! I’m crying just imaging the uproar and/or horrified looks from Pat Maloney et al.

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