Blogging at the holidays is no easy task. So let me just post a couple of pictures, let you know I’m alive, and very busy with the holiday madness.  The pictures are not clear – I don’t know why I can’t take night-time pictures on any camera I’ve ever had.. but you get the idea.  At least some things never change:


nice little Christmassy corner


Too bad I didn’t get one with the fire going…maybe I’ll remember next time to take the picture. It’s VERY cozy


I call this “my” tree. It has all my ornaments on it. Very cute. I love this room


I always wanted a bannister so I could do this. 🙂


See? No more pumpkins. I have three of the four plates my mom used to have. I’m sure the fourth is in Kerry’s basement somewhere.


Silent night


I will be chattier later I’m sure.

Until manana,,,,or whenever I can get back to it


One Thought on “The elves are busy..

  1. Jordan Nofziger on December 18, 2014 at 12:49 pm said:

    Looks lovely, Lynny!

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