I’m making progress, but now I must wait. Phil remembered he had a 50 inch TV at his daughter’s house, that they were not using, however, it is part of some recall and they are coming out today to fix a part. There are two things wrong with it and they will only fix one of them, for free. The other item will cost $600. We are choosing NOT to fix that since we can get a new TV for $400. Ya know? Anyway, I’m waiting for them now to come and fix the one thing. I then have to RUN to Target to get just a couple more things, RUN home, throw those couple of things into boxes, RUN to the Goin Postal store and get these boxes in the mail. Then I have to RUN back home and Zenah and I have to RUN to the airport to participate in this Toys for Tots volunteer day thingy. I’m worried about my feet holding up as they are hurting just thinking about it, and Jorden isn’t allowed to participate because it’s 16 years old and up. I’m not really wild about leaving him out….but it’ll be fine. Right?

I finally went and got that massage I’ve been going on about, at the YMCA, and it was anything but relaxing. It was very therapeutic but I think I need to go again to get the relaxing one. My IT bands are like solid rocks, I have tendonitis in my right arm effecting my shoulder, I may have a torn meniscus in my left knee, I had some huge knot in my neck and my feet hurt so bad because maybe I’ve been wearing flip flops too much? Really could it be as simple as that?

We went to the mall the other night and I put on these very study shoes that I brought from up north. Not really “Florida” shoes but I thought they’d help my feet. We get to the mall and I look at the side of the shoe and the seam is split all the way down the sides. By the end of the night the other shoe side seam split too. They were good shoes, but probably like 15 years old. Anyway, we ended up at Macy’s shoe department and bought sturdy shoes. The lady brought them out without me even asking for them. She didn’t even say anything other than she thought I might like to try them. They’re not particularly attractive but I believe she was an angel in disguise. So I gave her my old shoes and walked out with those on, well after we paid for them of course.


Let’s see what else. Did I mention I met Cute (Mary Cute) the other day in Brandon again at that mall? We had a nice time. Just chatting and walking around. Her brother has sore feet too and so sore he’s on disability. I think it’s called Neuropathy? I am hoping that mine is the shoes although I am upping my intake of Vitamin B which is supposed to help tremendously.

Last night I made cookies for Phil to take to work for a cookie exchange. I made those melt in your mouth peppermint balls that I made for a couple of Sally’s cookie exchanges. And they really do melt in your mouth. We shall see what he comes home with.

I’m starting to plan Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas breakfast. I think I might have to vary from tradition with both meals as both a bigger crowd and there are different palates. I made a disastrous dinner the other night. Both kids spit out the fish. Phil and I ate it. We’ll eat anything. Probably not a good thing. I don’t know if I can redeem myself or not. Anyway, I make okay stuff. Zenah barely eats anything but apparently she loves this African and/or Indian food her mom used to make. Maybe what I make is too boring.

No stupid TV repairman yet and time is a ticking. I am going to be behind with everything now. Grrr….

Tis the season, eh? But the very very good thing is that I’m not lugging around some winter coat freezing my a** off. Although still chilly at 60 and I haven’t seen the sun..yet..it is a far cry from parkas, scarves, scraping ice, snow boots (which honestly I like snow boots), and cold dreary wet days.

After 6 months I am quite settled in, I have friends even sort of, I mean they are work friends but that’s okay too. So now I have people who I might see at the Winn-Dixie or Publix or the pizza place or soccer game. I have friends that I meet at the mall and I have a friend in Miami that is looking forward to my next visit so we can go fishing! Life is good.

Have a good weekend,


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  1. Ja Nelly on December 19, 2014 at 3:33 pm said:

    Hope you get all you RUNNING done! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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