And the frenzy is over! I know it’s a lot of work but I still think it’s worth it. And really thank God it doesn’t last any longer. I mean Christmas night are we the only ones passed out? My sister-in-law always entertains Christmas night. It makes me tired just thinking about it.


Christmas Eve dinner was here , I cooked – Ham (delicious) Turkey on the Grill ( DELICIOUS) Kale and butternut squash lasagna (I thought it was delicious but think I was the only one) Broccoli casserole (eh..Phil loved it) I think it went okay I guess but Jorden was wanting Mac and Cheese. Which is what I usually make but I thought I’d mix it up this year since we had more adults coming. Turns out I’ll probably go back to Mac and Cheese next year.


Zener, Stephen, Jon, Tashah, Jorden


Jorden patiently waiting for food


Desserts. I had to make all the cookies myself this year. No cookie exchange to help me.


Lasagna. Why don’t I have a picture of the ham and turkey. ??









Christmas Eve table was okay but not as impressive as the Breakfast table.


Love my Christmas morning dishes

My boys called (Skyped) at the same time breakfast was being cooked and the kids here started opening their presents so I got out of cooking since I had to watch them all open their presents. So I made nothing. That was actually kinda of nice. Wouldn’t mind that being a new routine.


They’re fake. I don’t care!


donning MY new Christmas shirt



After breakfast cleanup Phil and I opened our pile of presents to an attentive audience. It was fun. I got some good stuff. Yes I still like stuff.


Our audience


a new outside clock. Temperature 80 degrees


New apron, new uggs


New beautiful jewels


with matching earrings

What can I say. I have even acclimated quite nicely to all of his “stuff” and we were able to combine quite nicely our various decorations. I mean how can you not love this?


It flashes!! How can you not love this? Love him, Love his stuff.

I bought another set of dishes BEFORE Christmas.


See? Cute, right?

I guess you can’t take the Martha out of me forever. I was even on Ebay this morning looking for more place settings for Christmas morning. My cute stuff and even my nice stuff is discontinued, of course, because I get everything on sale. I used all 8 place settings of each set this year and that’s without my kids being here. It’s not the dishes so much as the placemats and napkin holders. Well anyway, my kids have good memories around my “stuff” – that’s really all it is, memories.

Yesterday was a lovely day. We walked up to Starbucks in the 70 degree weather, drank our (my) ice coffee, sitting outside just talking.  It really is nice to have someone to do things with. Diane and I used to say that if we ever met someone he has to be better than “nothing” because we REALLY like nothing.  And well I have to say Philip is much better than nothing.

After our morning walk,  we went to St. Pete Beach to visit Stephanie, then went to Frenchy’s on the beach to watch the Steeler game with Lori and her daughter.  And how about that game? We looked so good, although so did Cincinnati. It was a good game. We had a nice time.


And my Steeler earrings. Thank you Sue!


Then today, back to work, back to blogging, back to trying to put stuff away and make room for new stuff.

Tomorrow the girl goes to Disney for her Candlelight Processional bit. We however are not going. With admission being $100 a pop we have to pass. Maybe someday. I’m sure we’ll have another chance next year.

Better get to that cleaning/but you know more organizing than cleaning. It’s all good. Oh and ya know what? Temps in the 80 all week. I think it’s time for a beach visit don’t you? I think I need a final 2014 sun burn!  I LOVE Christmas in Florida.

Until mañana


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