It’s a dreary rainy day. Our girl is off to Disney, in the rain, for the choral performance. The rain is supposed to clear up a little later so I’m hopeful for her to have a fun experience. The boy is still in his room. I’d still be in my room too if I didn’t have to get up. It truly is the calm after the storm. I was so busy getting ready for Christmas that I think it’s catching up with me and I’m just a little tired these days. The rain doesn’t help. Well it helps with feeling cozy and allowing myself to take naps, but it’s not helping me perk up. I think at this stage of my life it’s okay to take naps, whenever I want.

My one errand I was compelled to complete today, other than dropping Zener off at the school, was to take something back to Target so I could get one of those bins to store wrapping paper. OCD? Crazy? I think not. Just mature enough to know that NEXT year I want to know where everything is so when we start pulling bins out we will know what’s what. Unfortunately there has been a lot “lost” in this move of ours. Mostly my stuff, or at least it’s just that I know which of “my” stuff is missing.  Maybe if it’s more clearly marked it won’t be lost in the future. I think it’s a good plan. Plus don’t they just look nice and neat?


So other than that, I started weeding thru my emails which led to Facebook, which is a time suck for sure, then found an email reminding me that I blog. I momentarily forgot. I mean seriously I forgot today was a blog day. Anyway,,,,,I signed up for this Blogging 101 course and today our assignment is the following:

  • Play on the rule of threes. Are the past, present, and future versions of ourselves similar to the different forms of water? (Ice, Water, Steam) Tell us about what’s stayed the same as you’ve changed.
  • Tell us about one of the forms of yourself, whether they be concurrent, a previous version of yourself, or one that is yet to be.
  • If the past, present, and future are the trifecta of time, explore the possibilities. Is time linear, does it overlap, or does it repeat in an endless loop?
  • The New Year is a time for self-reflection and improvement. Write about the future self you’re going to develop over the next year, or years.

Say what?  Kinda doesn’t fit with my blogging about nothing theme. It’s a lot of writing and a lot of thinking. These types of assignments make me feel like I’m back in school/college, not the dreaded high school, but the Carlow college years I loved so much. Not to mention it gives me something to do, rather than look at Facebook, or clean.  I can answer those questions and still make it about nothing, right?

When have I been Ice, Water, Steam? This might be even a little too out there for me.  I guess I’ve had an icy personality at times. Before moving down here when NOTHING was happening between 2009 and 2014 that would have been like ice I guess. I was sort of frozen in time. I think now my career is frozen or what my career is supposed to be is frozen.  Everything has changed for me now but the changes are not so unfamiliar, (man, geography, kids, eh not sooo different) but that career frozen thing is something.  But is that a version of myself?  or a version of the times?  My head already hurts.

When things were flowing, like water, I’d say was when I went to Carlow and other than extreme restricted income, I had pretty much everything I wanted. Loved those years. Going to school full-time, working part-time in the city, a little travel, being a sort of stay at home single mom. I was doing it. I loved it. So does that qualify as water times? Cause I was just flowing along?

What would constitute Steam?  Like Vapor?  My past?  Cause it’s like gone?

I don’t usually go back very far in reminiscing because I honestly don’t really remember much. The memories that are the strongest are the “mom” memories and the “friend” memories. Those are what tie me to the past. I remember my friends thru the years. I love all my friends. The people who I’ve stayed friends with, people who I knew from various jobs, my friends that have stayed in my life as I’ve changed.  That answers part two of question 1:  what has stayed the same as you’ve changed.?  My friends (most of them)  There are other parts of me that have stayed the same but for today we will focus on friends.

I save Christmas (Holiday) cards from people who send pictures. Look at some of these:


From Liz and Brendan. Brendan draws their cards every year. The top left is before Patrick was born. Just the two boys in 1999. Then came Patrick now they are in high school.


Home made cards every year from Bob and Aimee (and Maddie now) They are stupid creative people. (stupid you know in a good way). I look at these cards and remember how long I’ve known her (them).


From Crickie. Little Danny and Casey are now big Danny and Casey.


The Mortons. (Ellen Green) We actually go back to grade school but my box doesn’t go back that far.


Jenn-i-babes crew. Look how cute, and then how handsome.

Pictures are the best.  When I look at the pictures I remember the people and then I remember how I know the people and then I remember what we did.  Ties baby, ties.

So do these cards answer the question: If the past, present, and future are the trifecta of time, explore the possibilities. Is time linear, does it overlap, or does it repeat in an endless loop? I don’t know. I just like looking at the pictures.

Tomorrow is also more apropos to answer: The New Year is a time for self-reflection and improvement. Write about the future self you’re going to develop over the next year, or years. 

Also I need time to think about that one.  But for now? I think it’s time for a nap.

Until mañana,


2 Thoughts on “Ice, Water, Steam oh my

  1. I love the blog. And I love that you kept all of our cards. It doesn’t matter if you’re ice, water or steam as long as you love what you’re doing – and you do!
    Happy New Year Lynne.

  2. Debbie Monahan on January 1, 2015 at 12:29 pm said:

    I do the same. Every card with a picture I keep. I have even kept some of the beautiful cards to put in a picture frame. I use them as a decoration! Love it

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