And here we are. It’s 2015. Seriously, 2015. That’s like way in the future isn’t it? We don’t have flying cars, airplanes have stayed the same since they were invented, but we do have an awful lot of gizmos that we stare at and type on. In our house I am truly seeing where the slang “idiot box” came from for the TV. At least we used to turn it off, didn’t we? The TV is on much more with these kids home and it’s so freakin stupid. I think if I have to listen to one more day of the Simpsons, or the BBC show Top Gear, and now “Street Outlaws” I’m going to lose my mind. Then there’s the cooking shows, and the pimp my treehouse shows. These shows make everything so dramatic, and they have this music that denotes like a life and death situation when in reality the situation is will the tree house fit between the two trees? Ya know? (PS..he turned it off.  See?  what a good boy)

Maybe in 2015 we’ll get rid of cell phones. Our kids have their faces constantly in the cell phone. Jimmy is the worst. Jorden is usually on his cell phone playing games while watching TV. Although that’s not too different from me reading magazines while watching. The girl stays in her room all day on her gadget. Me personally? I am now back to using a flip phone. My used “smart” phone finally just died yesterday. We found a plethora of phones in the house but only one of the old flip phones will work with my SIM card. I’m happy though. If I can’t access my emails from my phone then oh well, I’ll just have to check at home. And I’m back to texting with the number pad. HA! Don’t expect any long texts and don’t send me any pictures via text as I won’t be able to see them. I’m feeling free..However, not too free that I don’t still have my Kindle right by my bed for my games and any internet work I need after I get into bed. I might need to Google something before I go to sleep.  Is a new cell phone on my list of anything for 2015? No.

What is on my list for 2015? As is consistent with 95% of the rest of the population I want to eat right and exercise more. So today I slept thru water aerobics. I’ll try for yoga tomorrow. Wednesday I might try for water aerobics again although the morning temperature is expected to be 40 and they won’t have it if it’s that cold. My sister must have told my mother that my weight is up, so everyday now my mom asks me if I’m doing something to exercise. Mom’s. Phil and I decided one time that we were going to walk everyday before work. I think we went once. We suck at motivating each other.

I bought some good organic lettuce yesterday at the farmer’s market so I can start my new year with good salads. I wonder if I can put Hershey kisses in my salad.

Backing up a bit, for New Year’s we got all gussied up and went to Ciro’s where Alyna works.


At Ciros in the booth

A delicious prefixed menu. We remembered pictures this time before we started eating:


First Course: Salad, champagne soaked pears, arugula, dried figs, cucumber, candied walnuts


Second course: Grand Marnier seared scallop, spinach puree


Third Course: I had Cobia on right. He chose airline chicken breast (see it has it’s wing- get it?) with Gruyère smashed potatoes and sautéed kale. YUMMMMM.


Dessert: we took a bite first – chocolate mousse, chocolate covered strawberries.


My drink of choice: Virgin cucumber tonic.

We left there before 9. We had the 6 pm seating. Walked thru Publix grocery shopping in our finery, talked about Angelina and Brad incase anyone thought we were famous, then home in jammies by 10:00. Both Phil and Jorden asleep by midnight. There were fireworks everywhere around us at midnight but the trees were blocking most of it. I tried walking to the end of the street but it was pretty dark and by then real smoky from all the fireworks. Didn’t hear anybody banging pots and pans. Guess it’s different in a state that allows fireworks.

Today my goal is to start putting some of these decorations away. We started taking stuff down outside yesterday. We were going to go to the beach but Philip started in the yard. He LOVES to putzy in the yard so we cancelled our beach trip to work around the house. Here’s the thing, we (or I) can go anytime, so deciding to stay home one day to work around the yard is no big deal. Isn’t that cool?

Saturday we spent all day at this huge Flea Market.


I could make THIS a goal – to fit into this dress. Wonder where I could wear it?


So this guy sits in this car and sings karaoke. Seriously, how do people come up with this stuff?

Then we decided to go to the beach first for sunset before heading home:


Can you see the sailboat on the horizon?


Last picture with my cell phone before it died…


Moon shot at sunset


Home… HOME!

These Florida options are just the best. And really if I want to get away from the TV all I have to do is jump in the car, drive 5 minutes and I’m at the beach, of course that one I have to pay $4 to get in, but if I drive another 20 minutes I’m at a free beach. Ya know? This new life style is the best. In 2015 though, I do have some goals. I want to learn how to drive a power boat and take sailing lessons with Philip. I also want to find a riding stable and get back on a horse. While at the flea market there was a booth/stall/person selling horse stuff, saddles, tack stuff, I was so nostalgic smelling all the leather, I almost started to cry. So that is a BIG to do thing on my 2015 list. There was an advertisement for actual “beach” riding in Sarasota. That could be a day trip but really I want to find a closer place. There are several riding stables around Palm Harbor. Also in 2015 I will win the lottery. My horoscope says so. Horoscopes are always right, aren’t they?

I believe it’s time to move as in get off this chair and away from the computer. I have a couple of items at Winn Dixie I need to purchase, then to the post office, then back home and start packing up sh*t. The temp right now is 60. Yesterday at this time it was 80. It’s time to break out the Uggs. This is my new look for 2015. I’m going for the eccentric look.


Happy New Year, until mañana,


One Thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Debbie Monahan on January 7, 2015 at 9:22 am said:

    I have a picture of Christmas day when I hosted the Monahan side. There were 8 nephews sitting in a circle, on their cell phones, playing a game! I guess it didn’t phase them to be a part of a conversation with others. They just played and talked about who did what in the game. So funny how things change. Loved your New Year pics. I just finished hosting my 5th party-Erin’s 30th b-day- since Dec. 9th! I have one more to go…Erin’s baby shower. Thank goodness its at a restaurant! A little easier. Anyway Happy New Year and yes, we will try and stay warm up here! xoxo

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