As I was going through the checkout on my daily run to Winn Dixie I saw this:

Titanic 001

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since this movie came out. Di and I saw it at least 3 times at the theater, and of course numerous times since then on TV. I have finally stopped crying at the end, although I still get choked up when she jumps off the lifeboat back onto the big boat cause she can’t leave Leonardo. What a great story. I remember my sister-in-law saying she didn’t like it because it wasn’t realistic.  Blasphemy! HELLLOOO??? It’s Hollywood, right? And the Titanic really did sink, but I’m thinking Rose really would have cut off Jack’s hand and not the chain. Anyway, more nostalgia, and quite timely as I’m driving down to Punta Gorda to see Diane tomorrow.   I bought the magazine for her of course, but while I’m waiting for her to finish her lunch with her “other” friend I might as well read it on the beach. Right? It’s always hard to believe we’ve done something 20 years ago. Especially when 20 years ago we were old then too. Well I guess not THAT old. We’re really not that old now either come to think of it. I watched something the other night on TV and the story was about how you don’t start living your life until you’re over 50. I get it. I’m living a completely new life.

Something else I read today was about how blogging is exploding.  Alot of people out there write about their lives or some random subject. For those of us rattling on about ourselves we have given up all sense of privacy.  The Internet is redefining the concept of self in such a way that there is no private self, there’s just a public self. Anything conveyed via the Internet is presumed to be public, whether voluntarily, by surveillance, or by hacking. One’s private self becomes a mass media event. 

The WordPress site I use published these statistics for 2014:

Total New Blogs: 18,300,771 (that’s 18 MILLION)
That’s 49,997 new blogs per day!
Total Posts:  555,782,547 (555 MILLION)
Or more than 1.5 million per day
The top new bloggers have at least 10,000 followers and more.  How do they do that?

Here are some of my stats (they supplied an annual report – isn’t that cool?)
I had 96 posts in 2014, starting June 2
My most viewed blogs:

Highest comments and commenters:
My most commented on post in 2014 was Dr. Seuss I am not

  • These were my 5 most active commenters:
    • 1  Ja Nel 18 comments
    • 2  Debbie Monahan 18 comments
    • 3  scott monahan 14 comments
    • 4  Mary Ann Rondinelli 4 comments
    • 5  Liesa 3 comments

I had a total of 5,300 views.!!

So there ya go.  What does it all mean?  Mostly it means that I can’t make a living doing this but I am happy to entertain my 26 followers!  (up from 24!)  I am a blogger… whatever that means.  My life is out there for everyone to read about.  So maybe a good 2015 goal would be to find a “niche” to write about.

I could continue to go on about the weather and say things like:

Most of my Facebook friends live up north so I’m seeing all the posts about the cold and the snow. My son wasn’t too sympathetic when I told him I was cold and our temperature is 64. I’m going south tomorrow to warm up too. Punta Gorda is supposed to be 10 degrees warmer than us; 75 and Sunny, a nice beach day. I’m sorry you are all freezing up there, and sooo glad I live down here. Really soooooo glad.

I could continue to talk about my new family:

Today was a nothing sort of day. Was a little under the weather this a.m. so layed low, but ran around with the girl this afternoon. We have a date on Thursday to get her permit!! Woo Hoo!! It’s good to be back in our routine. Jorden rode his bike to school today.  It wasn’t stolen.  Woo Hoo!

I could talk about what we eat:

Tonight I made Quiche.  I’m also determined to turn this family around and get them to eat healthy.  I mean seriously, Phil said he ate crackers and cheese whiz from a can for lunch.  Even Zenah looked horrified.  Ya know?  Enough of that, and no more bag mashed potatoes.  We’ve tried it his way for 7 months and both of us are overweight.  It’s time to try my weigh, or way.  lol…I made a funny.

Or I could just post pictures like this:


if you talk into a glass dome like this, the sound is really loud and amplified

Lots to think about in 2015.

Until day after mañana,


4 Thoughts on “And another thing…

  1. Boo, hisss. The picture title should read: “I can’t seem to find a job on this planet so I’m going to try on another!”…

  2. Debbie Monahan on January 7, 2015 at 9:11 am said:

    a glass dome…..only you! Hahahaha.

  3. scott monahan on January 7, 2015 at 11:47 am said:

    perhaps the greatest idea for how to keep sisters from contaminating the world we live in…!

  4. Mary Ann on January 7, 2015 at 2:20 pm said:

    Hi, I would comment more but get distracted since I usually read your blog at work!

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