A true tragedy of sorts has occurred. My space heater has died. On this, the coldest day of my Florida experience, died…dead. What are the chances I’m going to find another one at the store? It’s 48° and an overcast Pittsburgh, grey grey grey day. I turned the heat up a bit, just a bit Philip, but you know the vents are in the ceiling so I can’t sit beside them and get warm. I could put some socks and shoes on BUT I just got my pedicure. I know if I put something on these feet too soon it’ll smoosh. Perhaps I should have thought of that BEFORE the pedicure you say? Well first, I didn’t know it was supposed to be this cold today, second, I didn’t know my space heater would quit on me, and third, I didn’t know it was supposed to be this cold today (said twice for emphasis.) Yes I know it’s relative as up north is literally freezing but still, I’m cold. So I have reverted to the hair dryer trick. Just a little warm air blowing on me for just a bit. If I blow it on my feet maybe they will dry enough to put on some warm socks, slippers or the Uggs. Then I’ll be okay.

We are finally getting our Christmas stuff put away. A bit of a delay this a.m. while I warm up and blog but one of the trees is totally put away. How about that? So by the day’s end I think we’re going to be looking pretty sparse around here. It’s always a sad thing but I’m hoping to paint before filling it back up with stuff. I’m also hoping for some new stuff. Out with the old I say…

Last night was date night and I did wear the UGGs, and a sweater top with one of those duster sweater coat thingies and my big wooly mittens. So when I say it was cold, I know it’s relative. I didn’t have a parka on. We aren’t scraping any ice. So I understand the difference and I “understand” the difference enough to know that this is as cold as I ever want to get again, ever. I like that I can wear some warmer clothes now and then and we had a lovely fire last night which is sooo cozy in the house. I love that. The air is crisp in the mornings these days and I like that too (not for long though) so again, for those that say ‘don’t you miss the seasons?’ I say “we HAVE seasons!”…They are just not western PA seasons, thank God.

We went to a local Thai place for dinner last night. It’s fun to keep trying/discovering our local options. We have yet to try an Italian place; otherwise I think we’re knocking them out pretty well. We had an early dinner, to Publix to buy some firewood and home to sit in our jammies in front of the fire. No wild and crazy dancing for us. I’m afraid I’ve lost my boyfriend to Sudoku. He can’t wait to come home and work on it. Santa put a book in his stocking and well he’s addicted. It could be worse. And I’m getting caught up on my magazine reading as well. It’s all good. Still reading Pillars of the Earth. I think I started that back in October. I’m on page 787 – only 186 more pages to go. I should knock that out by Spring right? Sheesh.

So yesterday I took the girl for her permit and they said I don’t have the right authority. I had stopped in the day before with my guardianship papers and they said it was fine, but the woman yesterday said no, after waiting 50 minutes. However, her dad took her this morning so our girl got her permit. Woo Hoo. Not sure who’s going to take her driving but at least it’s a step. I don’t mind taking her but I want like a deserted area. I took Jimmy in Leetsdale to that big trucking place on a Sunday where he could drive all around and get the feel of turning etc. Zach I have no idea. Probably Tortia Flats. Maybe I’ll take her over to the beach state park, except it will cost us $8. I think we should get her one of those driving instructors. I won’t ever be brave enough to take her on these highways. Not that I think she’s a bad driver, or will be a bad driver, but these roads are crazy big and crowded. How did I go thru this before? And why is it again that I’m going through this again?

I had someone ask me the other day for dating advice, yea I know “me” ..what a joke. But the question was should I “run” from someone who has kids. Funny asking me that don’t you think? My answer was run if you don’t like him for sure, whether or not he has kids is irrelevant but if you DO like him, and truly like/love him then you will probably like/love his kids too. Even though she thinks she hates kids you never know if that kid will make a change in your life that you could never have imagined or if my friend will be the best step mom ever. Most people make comments to me, about my situation, as if I’m making this big sacrifice to raise kids again, let alone someone else’s kids. But I gotta say I don’t know who is saving who here. I’m sure I bring some stability here but I am getting an awful lot out of this experience too. And as the fortune-teller told me, many times, “it won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it.” So far I’d have to say she’s right on the “it won’t be easy” part and every day I’m closer to “it’s worth it.”  Basically I’m already there.

I got Ellen’s yearly update yesterday and I will admit I cried after reading it, well you know teared up, not actually cried. Her husband has retired, she’s cutting back on her job(s), their kids are out of the house and out of college and they’re living on this farm having this oh so cool life. First of all I think my tears were mainly out of happiness for her and for “us” in this age group, to see how far we’ve come, how old we are and how our lives are changing at this stage. When we were immersed in the “kid” stage we barely had room to think let alone reflect on our lives but now most of us are through that and, I don’t know, it’s just cool to have options of doing something “next”. Then for a moment, okay many moments, I have to admit I was and am super jealous because how much would I love to be living on a farm with a husband who likes to puzty around with excellent projects? And then I wonder how many people would love to have my life? Okay not many with the kids, but really it’s good stuff going on here. My boyfriend also loves to putzy around our tropical jungle yard. He has a shed that he hides in at times, organizing for his next project. And we have a garden.  I believe our lettuce is ready for salads on Sunday to which we will add our radishes from the garden.  Still working on that lemon tree, but we’ll get there. We have a great life, we live at the beach for heaven’s sake, he has “nice” kids that are great with me. And here I am blogging, which I like doing.

So no dear young friend, do NOT run away from someone with kids just because they have kids, and yes dear old friend isn’t this after-kids’ stuff cool? I mean it’s still after “my” kids’ stuff. I’m like the grandma now. Much calmer. It’s like my kids were a trial run. So now? ..piece of cake. Which I believe is what we’re having for dinner.

Have a nice weekend,


PS – if you didn’t see yesterday’s post with the original picture of me and Di I mentioned look again. I found the picture!

3 Thoughts on “It’s won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it..

  1. scott monahan on January 9, 2015 at 4:36 pm said:

    uh oh, no space heater!!!??? I feel your pain, I run mine 24-7 almost…yep here on a cold 65 degree day…don’t know what I’ll do when it dies…perhaps you’ll send me another one…

  2. Ellen morton on January 9, 2015 at 9:15 pm said:

    Sorry to make you cry, Lynn! If it makes you feel better, 48 degrees sounds downright balmy to me right now. And glad you came around to realize that what you have is what so many would be grateful for!

  3. Mary Ann on January 9, 2015 at 11:33 pm said:

    Lynn, you can always put your UGGs on after a pedicure. Just no socks. I do it all the time.

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