Ahhh, where has the day gone? I’ll tell you. At the dentist and in insurance hell. New dentist today using my new Obama care dental insurance. Promised to be no more than $285 per crown. Well this dentist said TEN crowns, plus stuff and I can’t get a regular cleaning, I need a deep cleaning which isn’t covered by insurance. But now that they’ve “prescribed” a deeper cleaning it’s against the law to do a regular cleaning. So I have to pay over $100 (they started out at $251.99 – which included a $90 electric toothbrush? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?) Oh and instead of the promised $285 per crown they said my insurance only covers up to blah blah and MY portion is $925. So at least down from $2000 per crown. So I told them that something is wrong since the quote is so much different from what my insurance said to expect so the rest of my morning was spent on the phone getting clarification. But before that, wanting a cup of tea I went in the kitchen and turned on the tea kettle, decided to unload the dishwasher while waiting for the tea. Dropped a glass on the counter top and it shattered everywhere, like everywhere. So had to clean that up – clean out the toaster (which was sitting there) clean out the tea kettle, noticed the scum on the bottom of the tea kettle, think omg gross, have to clean that out with vinegar, can’t get the spout screen back in place, have to go find the extra tea kettle to figure out how to put that in place. So there goes another hour. Got a very nice person on the phone at the insurance company and she said “well that makes no sense, they have to abide by the rules of the insurance, otherwise why do you have the insurance?” to which I say “amen” but apparently it’s up to me to call them back, which I do, and then they mentioned something about “hidden” costs. So we’ll see about all of that. No sense in going to yet a third dentist. I’m just going to have to fight it out with this one and the insurance company and see how it goes. Obviously I need a lot of work. Eight crowns, 10 crowns, whatever. Not a great start to my week but again…whatever.

Then I applied to two jobs, talked to Diane for an hour or so, made brownies, but still have not had any tea. And now it’s 2:00.

Weekend was nice. Friday night I took myself to “Into the Woods”. It was good. Sadder than I remembered. Hit a little close to home I guess. Saturday was a soccer game then Philip and I went to the Dunedin Arts Festival. It was fabulous!! Really big, no fee, great artists, some very creative stuff. We only saw about ½ of it. We didn’t get a chance to go back Sunday. Next year we will make sure to go earlier. If you’re ever looking for an event to plan your Florida visit around, this would be a good one. Although this weather is very iffy. I was still semi cold on Saturday although temps were in the 60’s and it got sunny later. I had on long sleeves, a light sweatshirt and a corduroy shirt. Sunday however I was hot. We went from having the heat on Saturday to having the air on Sunday

Alyna came to dinner on Sunday. Really it was a very low-key day. I finally washed my car. I haven’t found one of those $5 drive thru places yet and believe it or not the car gets very dirty down here. Like dusty, plus there’s no garage and I’m parked under trees. And you know how you dream about getting a boyfriend who washes your car, gets your gas (like Molly’s dad) and takes care of all that stuff? You think one day…, well, let me tell you, I was out there washing it all by myself. I will admit Phil has shaken out the mats a few times when he used to use it, and he used to get the gas when he used the car, but I guess I’m on my own for car washing. I did a good job, as usual. And it’s exercise right? Phil asked if I was going to put my bikini on. That’s probably the last time I hand washed my car, when I fit into one of those. That should give you an idea how long ago that was.

We had a nice early Taco dinner with the birthday girl and then Sunday night are my shows. Usually Once Upon a Time which is off now until March which is probably a good thing because now Downton Abbey started last week. I haven’t seen last week’s yet. I can’t find past episodes on Fios on Demand. I mean who do I have to write to? So last night I kissed everyone goodnight and locked myself in my bedroom by 9:00. At least I caught this week’s Downton Abbey and then the Good Wife at 10:00. I’d like to add in Madame Secretary. I’d force the family to watch my shows with me but sometimes you just don’t want to hear the heavy sighs.

I think this is enough for today. I need to go pick up the girl. Did I tell you I took her driving on Friday? We went over to the beach because it was cold and deserted so she drove all around Honeymoon Island. Her dad let her drive a bit Friday night and her sister took her yesterday. Only 361 days to go before she can get her license. And I just got some tea.

It’ll cool down by the time I get home and I’ll have a brownie with it.

Until mañana,


2 Thoughts on “Where does the day go..

  1. Scott monahan on January 13, 2015 at 9:38 am said:

    Ouch about the teeth. Those folks are nuts, I’m pretty sure my crowns are around 900 bucks and my dentist is in Beverly hills. You probably should look for a new dentist!!! Do you think you ate too many sugar Okies all our life? What happened to yer teeth sis???? Okies? Really love iPad…cookies

  2. Debbie Monahan on January 14, 2015 at 5:01 pm said:

    I love The Good Wife and Once Upon a Time! Didn’t want to start Madame and haven’t watched Downton. I would need to catch up big time on that one! That dentist is outrageous or maybe I’ve been very lucky to have a reasonably priced friend dentist for 28 years! Either way that sounds high. But you are in Florida so prices differ. Good Luck with the dentist you have.

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