Again, I did not win the Mega Millions. I’ll have to reread my horoscope. Maybe I have the dates wrong.

I’m sitting here waiting for a call or a person to show up to fix our hot water heater. Backing up, yesterday I was relieved of my usual Tuesday morning stint at the school due to some staff meeting so met my BF for lunch. We went to Cracker Barrel. You know you can spend hours in there just browsing. They have some fun stuff. Anyhoo, after a leisurely lunch with my man, I went straight to the school to pick up the girl. After taking a friend home I let her drive me to the Dollar Store, over the beach road and back home. She’s really doing well. Really well. She started singing along with the radio while driving. THAT makes me a bit nervous. We were/are having a debate whether it’s better to learn “with distractions or learn “without and then add distractions in later. I’m feeling it should be without although she has a strong case of “with”. In any event we didn’t get home until later in the afternoon and came home to a leaking water tank.


A may day situation for sure. After much ado and a scramble to find my channel locks, I was able to turn off a valve that did absolutely NOTHING to help the situation. Luckily Phil came home shortly thereafter. I was assuming I’d be cleaning up water all night. But he got the water turned off. After more much ado (yes I know, grammar) he fixed the leak, but the heater never turned back on so we still have no hot water. He went to the YMCA for a shower this a.m. Had to dry off with a washcloth size square towel as he forgot a towel and it really is not a country club.  Oh well, at least he’s clean, right? Nobody wants to be the stinky guy at work. Unless of course you’re Steve Jobs or Brad Pitt.

So here I sit awaiting the maintenance man. I have some ideas of what to do with myself which I will then be able to report on tomorrow. Nothing I have in mind has to do with dishes or laundry, which is a first. So much suspense. What will it be?

Oh let’s see. I had two questions presented to me yesterday that gave me something to think about. I heard from my old boss, Ellen, from Thomson Newspapers. Anybody remember her? I left there in 1999 so that tells you how long ago. Anyway, she asked in response to me not working, what it is I want to do. I haven’t answered her yet, because I don’t have that answer. Historically I just do whatever job it is I get. I don’t know that I’ve ever “wanted” to do a job, it’s just that you “have” to do a job, in my experience. Luckily I’ve ended up liking some things I do.  I pretty much fell into the meeting planning with Thomson and liked that alot, but I didn’t know I wanted to do that. For now,  I guess the perfect world answer would be to get paid for writing this blog.  My Amazon income is up to a whopping $43 for January!

At this point in my life I think it’s more about how I want to work.   Part time, at home, top dollar? Remember when Thomson closed the Moon Township office and they asked me to work out of my home and I dreaded it? DREADED it? Can you imagine? Gayle Pryor said “you’re going to love this” – he (yes “he”) knew me better than I knew myself at the time. I just remember grumbling about having to give up half my dining room for the office furniture. I remember my neighbor saying she’d give up her kitchen and then some if she got to work at home. I mean really. What was wrong with me? So really am I the best person to ask what it is I want to do? Probably not.

Another question presented to me last night was if I had $10,000 what would I do with it? Would I spend it in a day? That’s a more fun question that what kind of work I want to do. So far I’ve come up with two scenarios. One is if it is “mine” I pay off bills (naturally) and get a new cell phone and a good pair of shoes. That pretty much takes it all. With a little left over. Maybe get a tooth crown or two done. So not “ALL” in one day.  But at least a good half. Those expenditures were nowhere near as fun to think about as the other scenario assuming the bills are paid.  In that scenario I’ve just bought a lot of new stuff for the house. Which I couldn’t do in one day, but give me a week maybe and I’ll have redecorated a few areas.  $10,000 isn’t a lot a lot of money, I mean it is when you have nothing but it’s either skimming your bills or it’s a couple of pieces of furniture. A couple of GOOD pieces of furniture, and a cell phone!! Kind of fun, something to think about if you have nothing else to do today. It’s harder to think about spending $10,000 than thinking about winning the lottery cause that’s just crazy talk.

And with that I better get to my day. No maintenance man yet. But I have found out that I’ll get my Amazon payment at the end of the month. How exciting is that? Keep clicking…

Until mañana,


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