Who doesn’t like pasta? You know, spaghetti? The Baker kids don’t eat spaghetti. It’s like they’re communists.  They do like fettuccini alfredo which I have made on quite a few occasions (and they love, who doesn’t?.. said my thighs) but sometimes you just want the marinara ya know? I used to make sauce back in the day, but then with Nunni sending us home with her sauce every Sunday I thought why bother. Zachary actually said he missed my sauce back then. What a good boy. Nunni pasta is a staple in Jimmy’s life. I looked in his freezer when I was there visiting him in Columbus and it was FULL of frozen pasta sauce. I’m in the mood for pasta. I suggested it the other night and the kids said to just leave their noodles plain. So I didn’t make it. I can’t remember what we ate. They had plain noodles but I think Phil and I ate something else. Maybe it was salad, with greens from our garden. Yea, that was it. Had no taste. I was so excited and it tasted like nothing.

Today is another grey day. I’m starting to feel like the Pittsburgh weather has followed me here. Other than the temperature difference. But I still have the heater on, so not that different. Okay, okay, it is A LOT different. I took something out to the garbage today in my t-shirt and thought it was a little chilly. Just a little. But really, I want 70’s and sun. Is that so much to ask? I mean I live in Florida. Right? Maybe I’ll just drive south again, like I did the day I met Di on the beach. I’ll just drive south until I see the sun and pull over with my chair and a book. I am so close to finishing this book.  I’m ready to start another. I like that idea. I like that idea A LOT.

But not today. Tonight is date night. We are going to go to a new place, called the Living Room in Dunedin. Not “new” but new- to-us- place. The menu looks so good I think we need to go every date night until we have tried everything. I’m half tempted to buy something new to wear tonight but after cleaning out my dresser drawers this morning I think I can probably find something. Yes that is what I’ve done this morning, organized my clothes. Exciting isn’t it? I am missing a few items and I thought if I clean/organize my drawers perhaps I can find them. But I was wrong. I did find some tops I forgot I had so that was a plus. And I found one of my missing items in the bathing suit basket so it was a productive morning anyway. Still missing a black sports bra. Anybody? Anybody?

Yesterday the water heater guy came finally and it was a broken element. I mean broken. SAM_1039

So we have hot water again. The no hot water was making everyone cranky.

Here’s today’s dilemma. I have to go to the banks, I have to get gas, I have to go to the grocery store and I “want” to go to Yoga in 10 minutes. If I go to Yoga in 10 minutes, after that I have to pick up the girl at 1:30. Or I could finish the blog now and go do the errands and THEN get the girl and then have the afternoon free-ish.. Or I could go to yoga, then I could come back and finish the blog and THEN go to the banks and to the stores and get the gas etc. I guess I could do that. I think I will.

And I did. It is unbelievable to me how out of shape I am. I don’t get it. I’ll keep at it though.

I picked up the girl and we went to Lulus for lunch. Everytime I go somewhere I think “when anybody comes to visit we can go here.” No matter where it is I’m always thinking of taking a visitor. Anyway, going to Lulu’s today was my attempt to have Zener eat less fast food and well I was hungry too. Then I let her drive home. I had her practice pulling up to the mailbox when we got home pretending she was going thru a drive thru to order food. She did not take off the side mirror. She’s doing great.

It is freezing here by the way. The sky is sooo grey, it’s not foggy but it’s wet as if it were fog. The temp says it’s in the 50’s but I swear snow’s coming. What is going on? It looks like another date night wearing my Uggs!

Off to my errands..

Until mañana,


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