I got a text from Jimmy saying  “who doesn’t eat pasta”!  So apparently he reads the blog.  He has followed up with when he visits he is making pasta on Sunday and making everyone eat it.  At least I’ll be happy.  Hope he can get some sauce on the plane….and maybe some mancini’s bread?

Last night’s dinner on date night was sooo good.  It’s a split dish kind of place so we ordered mango/brie Quesadilla, omg good, and a beet salad with spinach, bacon, mandarin oranges, red onion, couple of pecans…yumm, it was really too big for two people, but we managed to stuff it down, and then Korean BBQ flank steak lettuce cups.  We were so stuffed we didn’t even order dessert.  That was a first.  We will definitely be going back, and taking visitors.  I didn’t get to wear my UGGS cause it was raining…again.  Nevertheless I looked presentable. I wore my rain boots that I bought at Aldi’s for $9 about 15 years ago.  And that’s no exaggeration on both the price and how long ago I bought them.  I ordered new rain boots today.  It’s time.

And the best news of the day:


see what I see?



My boyfriend is home today.  We are going to go out into that sunshine and act like we live in Florida.  Unfortunately the temp is only around 60 but it’s Florida 60.  Which either means the sun will feel warmer or it’ll feel cold cause 60 in Florida is cold.  We have errands to run then taking the girl to her old neighborhood and then stopping at the Casino on the way home.  How fun is that!!??  I’m feeling lucky.  Today’s the day.

Time to get moving…Have a great weekend,



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