Ever have those nights where sleep just eludes you? Like until dawn? And then you have all this time to think, which I need like a hole in the wall, cause I don’t already think things to death. Lately, however, I have been productive with my middle of the night thoughts. Last time I couldn’t sleep I thought of a way to get myself a new smart phone, woke up and ordered it (yet to be received but it should be here very soon, can’t wait to take pictures!) Last night, in my restlessness, I made the decision to sell my couch. I can hear Suzanne groaning. I mean really, how long did it take me to decide on that couch? I agonized. But here’s the thing, that couch is not family or dog friendly and I am sick of worrying about whether the kids or Phil are going to spill on it or the dog’s going to get on it, so in my fit of non-sleep last night I decided I’m going to try to sell it.

We had a busy busy weekend buying a dining room table at Pier 1 and then looking all weekend at various consignment stores for chairs.


I should have put the better placemats on. I have to get better with this picture-taking but I’m sure more pictures will come after we get chairs.


Isn’t it beautiful? Seats 8 – comfortably…

After our consignment store browsing, I got the idea of selling these end tables that I bought when we arrived here.


I will not shed a tear when these go. They didn’t work like I thought they would.

They are too big. They’re nice but way too big for our purposes. One of the consignment stores that we visited over the weekend had many end tables exactly like this; although when I submitted mine for bid…cut to end…they said they don’t have a market for these end tables any longer. Seriously? What about the other 20 they have in the store, which on second thought is probably exactly why they say they don’t sell…duh…back on topic…so anyway, I decided this morning to also send them a picture of the couch to get a quote.


I’m keeping the pillows

They said they’d sell it for $550, they get ½. So I put it on Craigslist for $700. Why so much you say? Because that’s what I want. Remember when I had that VW Fox to sell and someone said to ask $1000 which was like “who in the world would pay that?” – and then out of the blue right before we were going to lower the price a kid calls, said he’d take it for $1000. Didn’t even drive it. Gave me cash. Remember my house? Remember the asking price was kinda high but I didn’t “have” to sell, I just wanted the money. The last week of my contract and I decided I was going to cancel the contract and just stay there since no one was biting, the last day of my contract, and I get almost a full price offer (almost).  First offer, which obviously I accepted.

So I’m asking $700. I will take that money, if sold, and get myself a new marble top for the buffet that’s never been fixed. Then I think the Bakers will let out a huge sigh of relief because they are sick of me getting mad if they eat/spill/etc. on the couch and it’s constantly covered with stuff to keep the dog off. Plus it’s just too small for this bunch. I told Zenah about it already and she seems relieved. She wants something they can allll sit on. So I will get my stuff out-of-the-way so he can buy new stuff and it will be more suitable for this family.

Now, if you’ve been following along with my posts, you will know that this whole issue/subject and the final separation of another thing is going to make me cry (shut up brother Scott, not EVERYthing makes me cry, but ok, lots of things…shut up again). Most of you will remember all the money and decisions and fun I had a buying all that stuff after I sold the house, and spending all that money.  I had to get so much new stuff going into that apartment. First it was to make sure that the guest room/Jimmy’s room was welcoming enough for him (because, Zachary, he had just gone to college and you had been out of the house a good 10 years already.)  I made sure I got nice sheets and comforters, curtains, nice rods, TV shelves, desks. Remember all those pictures framed of their stuff and family pictures? Remember how I wanted them to feel at home? So instead what happened? Jimmy took the bed to his own apartment and left the beautiful sheets and duvet – but took the down comforter.  I never really got a replacement bed other than the one John was throwing out, which was a different size and we propped it up with books cause the leg fell off.  I couldn’t redo the sheet/comforter look any more.  Zachary called the replacement bed the prison bed cause he could feel the springs coming up through it.  But surprisingly he said it was comfortable. In the end Jimmy probably stayed there twice, Zachary maybe three times.  I did have a few visitors in that guest bedroom in the apartment who seemed to appreciate it. I had Evan and crew there for a little while, that was nice. My brother visited and Janice was a great roommate for a couple of weeks or so.  Actually after meeting Phil that became Jorden’s room on the weekends too.  I even let Sam sleep on the bed! I’m not a total monster.  It’s just the couch! The room got used but in the end it was just an empty room that made me mostly lonely and a reminder of how much I missed my kids.

So then I downsized to the city apartment which really was way too small but I hung onto my last few items with claws screeching down the chalkboard, and well now it makes sense for the rest of the family, for me to part with that couch.  It served its purpose as we’ve been getting settled but sadly it’s worn out it’s welcome and needs a different home. No one is happy with it here. I don’t even sit on it. There’s no room. So I’ve commandeered my chair. Remember how I used to sit in that old Johnny Hess blue chair in Fair Oaks? My brother would call many a Friday night and ask if I was in my chair (my favorite place to be after a long week of work) – so now I have my chair again and there I will sit.


A few of my friends have said “just don’t lose yourself in all this” e.g. new adventure with new family – well, I’m losing furniture that’s for sure. Most of my photos that I had framed are broken in a pile still, my buffet marble top is still broken, I still have my TV but it’s in the guest/music room which I don’t get in very often. Am I whining? It sure sounds like it. I know again and again they are just things and believe me I will be super relieved when I don’t have to look at this couch anymore. The stress to myself and this family over trying to keep it nice is not worth it.


See Sam in the lower left hand corner? He’s casing the joint seeing if there’s an opening for a corner on the couch.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I’m always waiting for that other shoe to fall and for me to once again be looking for my “own” place. It’s certainly been my pattern up to this point. Nothing against Philip, it’s really not even about him at all, it’s about what my “norm” has been. And well, I guess if I have to start over again it will be okay. I’ll just have to get a different couch. I mean really, I’m at the beach so I’d go with a beach theme.  And alternately/preferably  if I stay with the Bakers for years and years well then that’s okay too and I’ll like the furniture because  it’ll be “ours”.  He’s doing a fantastic job of getting new stuff that is “ours” but I swear, if we ever get a new house I am doing one room, completely “lynn” style. I do miss “lynn” style but I am embracing the Baker style too. Guess this is all part of this relationship stuff. There’s an awful lot to it.

Who knew?

Until mañana,


5 Thoughts on “Going once, going twice…do I hear $750?

  1. Dear dear Lynne,
    If I’m remembering correctly, I’ve heard at least two other couch stories… makes me curious… what’s with the couch!?! Growing up, my Mom put plastic over the arms of our living room sofa to “keep it nice.” That sofa is long gone, but I have memories of my grandparents perched on it laughing at birthday parties, the cat curled up on it on lazy Sunday mornings and my Mom slouched on it Christmas night with all of the lights off after a very long day of cooking and cleaning and entertaining. These memories stick with me and they all revolve around that sofa. The sofa we had to “be careful” on. Life happens on a couch. Keep it! and enjoy it with your new family. Ten years from now, you’ll have tons of memories tucked away along with the spills and dirt that go with them.

  2. Debbie Monahan on January 20, 2015 at 8:55 pm said:

    You need “your chair” I have “my chair”. I share only in the morning before Dan leaves for work. Any other time it’s my “my chair”…a place to crochet, read a book, check my phone FB, recline and rest those tired feet! hahaha

  3. Scott monahan on January 21, 2015 at 10:04 am said:

    Cry baby….!

  4. Love the dining room chair with the blue upholstered cushion. If you don’t get your price for the couch – I bought a throw from Sure Fit. They have a lot to choose from. Or go old school like Jer – use a blanket. Or as Aimee said, enjoy the couch – what’s a few stains/dog hairs?

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