I don’t LOVE the couch.  I never have.  I like it.  It’s a nice couch, but I’ve never loved it.  So bottom line is I want a new couch anyway, we all do.  So it’s a solution to many things.  I probably really will NOT cry when it goes. (shutup Scott)  But it will be one of the last things of mine, albeit not a favorite thing anyway.

Today’s been a catching up kind of day.  Getting some laundry done, cleaning off our new chairs, emptying out the refrigerate kind of day.  Not real exciting.   Here’s a pictorial:


cleaning out the fridge. Does everybody waste this much food or is it just us?


and then I wash them again so they can be filled again so I can throw it all out again. It’s just like Sisyphus

Our new chairs for the new dining room table that I cleaned up a little:


three ladder backs bought last night – the one on the right I got with the piano.


pretty right?


Chair that Diane commented on – Phil has had this since 1980ish. We’re thinking of redoing. They are very old sturdy chairs. Didn’t think of them for the dining room table though….hmmmm


cute new plates from junk store. they’re brass (metal)…


Sunshine that I am missing

It’s a beautiful day out there and I’ve chosen NOT to go to the beach today.  I’m thinking about going tomorrow.  Tomorrow is supposed to be just a little warmer.  Next week is another cool down.  I better get some rays before that happens.  One of the things I noticed when we were walking around the arts festival in Dunedin a week or so ago was how “healthy” everyone looks.  Everyone has color, like a tan, ya know?  Not like “baby-oil” color, but just healthy.  I’ve noticed that with my sweaters too. I put them on and think I don’t look as bad as I used to, and well it’s the color!  So tomorrow, which is supposed to be lyming day anyway, at this particular moment I am making the decision to make it a beach day.  Stay tuned to see if I’m successful.

Until mañana,


One Thought on “And another thing..

  1. Debbie Monahan on January 21, 2015 at 11:03 pm said:

    Love the chairs. And, Yes! My fridge looks the same. I just cleaned mine out….garbage pick in the morning…..hahaha. I like the chair of Phil’s. I think it would look good on one of the ends of the table. Enjoy that sunshine.

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