The end tables are gone, already.  I’m trying to remember why I sold them though.  I know we saw similar models all throughout that one consignment store we visited and thought about what they would give us for ours and then just ended up putting them on Craigs list.  It was like the momentum of the inquiry.  I’m wondering why I sold them cause there’s this big spot where we used one of them to put stuff on, but then again we’ve moved around furniture because of the new dining room table and well it just didn’t seem to fit in there.  So anyway, first call, first lookers and they took them.  Full price even.  Not sure what I’ll do if I get a call about the couch.  We really aren’t in a position to buy a new one yet.  HA!  Oh well, we’ll cross that bridge if and when…

Think I’m going to chill today.  Read my new book a little.  It’s another very warm, nice day.  It’s in the 70’s right now but there is a storm coming through and then it’s supposed to drop to 60, but it’s 60 with sunshine so I’ll take that!  It’s a little surreal when watching the news/weather etc. and there are pictures of snow up north.  Really, it’s weird.  It feels like it should be summer everywhere.  When we moved here last summer the weather was the same here and there (up north) so to me it should be the same still.  I’ll have to get used to that.  It’s going to be tough 🙂

Hope everyone everywhere has a nice weekend,



2 Thoughts on “One (two) down and one couch to go.

  1. Lynne, don’t you read the blog? “I will not shed a tear when these go. They didn’t work like I thought they would. They are too big.” Not much sun here today, but the snow has melted – until the next round. TGIF.

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