There are not enough hours in a day, especially when you sleep through too many. I think our bed is possessed. I can’t seem to get out of it in the morning. We both have lots of dreams and then this weird thing happens to me too.  In the very early morning I will think that I’ve slept for an hour and I look at the clock and it’s been 5 minutes. Then Phil leaves for work and I think I’ll sleep for 5 minutes and it’s an hour or two. Isn’t that weird? I think it is, and then by the time I get just my normal wake up stuff done another hour is gone. So I decided to smudge. You know, feng shui and all. To get the juju out of the bedroom so I can get up in the morning. That’s it right? Not that I’m lazy. It’s bad juju. Now the house smells like sage. You may think it’s a nice smell, kinda like incense, but now I have a headache. Go figure.

I moved the chair outside (before smudging) to the corner where the sun is/was, fully intent on sitting in the sun and reading at least a bit of my book but I missed my window of opportunity and the chair is now in the shade. It’s a cool day, not quite 60. In the sun it’s lovely. In the shade it’s brrrr. So after this dribble, I’ll get the girl and then if we don’t go for ice cream (we went for ice cream) I think it’s time to dust. I am amazed at how much dust we have here. Amazed!  Don’t I have an exciting life?


I’ll leave the chair there for another day.

Date night has been switched to Tuesdays due to Lacrosse practices so we went to dinner last night. Tried out another place in Dunedin, which name already escapes me, and then just came back and watched TV in front of the fire. I started the evening on the couch watching a movie and ended the evening there too. Not that I wasn’t productive yesterday. I worked at the school in the a.m. , then to yoga, got the girl and a friend, and then I was on the phone with AT&T for an hour (but felt like 4 hours) getting my phone to work properly and then I did my taxes. I have to wait for my W2 from the ice lady, remember the 2 days I spent schlepping sno cones? She’s holding me back.

So this dog, this dog we have is a very nice dog, and very smart, mostly. I mean he’s a nice dog. When people come to the house he may greet you with a jump (and subsequently slam you into the wall) or he may ignore you completely. For instance when the “strangers” came to look at the end tables to buy, they walked up on to the porch and they were strangers you know, and well, not a peep from that dog. Not one peep. He looked out the window and just walked away. So today, he’s upstairs sleeping on Jorden’s bed, everything is quiet and all the sudden he starts this vicious barking, runs down the stairs like a bat outta hell, hair standing on end and is jumping at the window. So I’m a shaking thinking someone is coming to kill me. Know what it is? The neighbors got a new puppy. PUPPY!! They have two dogs now, a little Roxy dog (I think that’s it’s name) you know one of those little things, and now this adorable puppy which I think might be a lab mix or something a little bigger as the puppy is their older dog’s size. So I don’t know about this dog of ours. It lets strangers onto the porch no problem and wants to go through the window to protect the world from the menacing puppy? Phil took him to the vet and groomers a week or so back and he did just fine they said. Growled a little at some dog but then was ok. They kept him separate but still. I had to put him in the bathroom, where there are no windows so he couldn’t see the menacing puppy, until he calmed down. Apparently smudging didn’t calm him down.

Another goal I have today is to plan our next weekend jaunt. I told him I’m planning this one and he can plan the next one. So that might be fun. I have my budget and I know what I want to do so I gotta get on it. It’s a surprise where though so I won’t be able to blog about it until it’s complete. That will be a fun task though.

Tomorrow is horseback riding. That should be fun too! Pray that no rattlesnakes jump out at us. That’s a thing down here you know, rattlesnakes. I am very used to the lizards now but rattlesnakes are a little different. Fingers crossed.

Until mañana,


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