Counting down to new doo…2 hours. I am hopeful for a successful outing. Here’s the thing though. It’s hair, it’ll grow back.


my before picture.

One thing I am really missing is my printer. I had this big non-compact printer (there should be a better word than non-compact) ,…okay big honkin printer.   I got it for Jimmy when he went to college in 2009, he didn’t want it because first of all he couldn’t figure out how to hook it up and second it was too big honkin. So I of course kept it, hooked it right up and have been using it ever since. The very best thing about it was it was wireless. So say I wanted to print out a picture or two of a new doo to take to the hair dresser well then I just hit print. Soooo convenient. One night it just stopped working. Just like that. Yes I know, not a major life loss, I’m just saying, I miss my wireless printer.

I had this dream last night that was really stressful. I dreamt I woke up and I was living back in Pittsburgh with this odd group of people. The only one I recognized was Jim Thomas but apparently the group and I had been together awhile. I couldn’t figure out how we ended up back in Pittsburgh so I got up in front of the group and begged them to explain to me how this happened and how could we have given up so easily and ended up back there? I was distraught. And Trudy Avery was there saying that they were going to get me back (to PPU). It was stressful, but then….Jimmy asked me if I wanted to share an apartment with him, and I thought why would he want to share an apartment with me(?), and then I realized I would be helping him too, you know cause I’m his mom, and then decided it would be pretty cool to get a two bedroom back in the city and maybe it would be ok. So what about that dream? It was a nightmare until the end when Jimmy helped. I have such good kids. But a dream none the less.

It’s the weekend and I’m not going to Miami – Jorden has a game tomorrow – it’s also Gasparilla which we talk about going to. I think it’s like a mini mardi gras, lots of drinking and beads, although no boob flashing is involved (or so I hear). Can’t imagine the parking nightmare but who knows maybe we’ll feel adventurous. Sunday is the super bowl which being a Steeler fan I could care less about, but the kids want to have a “thing” so I think I’m going to try my chicken peanut stew recipe and of course hot dogs on the side for them to eat. We shall see what excitement pops up in the meantime. Sunday’s weather is supposed to be 70s and sunny, perhaps a walk on the beach is in our future.

Okay I have nothing inspirational or exciting to share. This is my life…printers, dreams and peanut stew anticipation. And well the new haircut…that’s pretty major. 🙂

Hopefully next week will bring something worth sharing. Have a good weekend,


One Thought on “I got nuthin..

  1. Debbie Monahan on January 31, 2015 at 10:03 am said:

    So my kids want “a thing” also. I’m serving up Cheese vegie soup. My brothers recipe…yummy! Everyone will bring something. So far Buffalo chicken dip and Chili. I probably won’t pay to close attention to the game, just the scores. I am on a poll with a few work friends. Maybe we’ll win and buy donuts! A thing at work when someone wins on the football each week. Weatherman calling for 3-6 inches of snow Sunday thru Monday. We shall see. Anyway, I’m not getting to excited over it. They are known to be wrong at times…lol. Enjoy that nice weather and have a great week end.

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