How about that game? I was soo not interested and pretty much didn’t watch, until the end and what an ending!! A really good game. My sister said we should root for Tom Brady because he has a child to Bridget Moynahan so we might be related. Worked for me.

We/I made too much food of course, but then again we were expecting a couple more that didn’t show. Kids do that you know. Mine used to be really good at that cancelling thing. So we have a lot of leftovers, as usual. I tried the Peanut Chicken Stew, it really is good, a very thick rich Stew. Phil says it’s a keeper. He also had my apple pie for the first time. That’s a keeper too. I also made salmon cakes that were terribly dry. Anybody have any hints about that? They looked so good in the picture.  I might have made them too thin.? Anyway, we also had wings, hamburgers, hot dogs and I made one of those spinach dips. And only 3 of us ate. I did not see one commercial. I’ll have to try to find them online today.

We also went on a really long bike ride yesterday. We rode to the beach, had lunch, and rode back. A total of 12.96 miles (according to my Map My Run app).


A view from lunch


Bikes at the beach

A beautiful day except the wind was unbelievably strong on the water. It was really hard to pedal against it. We had to walk a couple of times but that was also because the sidewalks were so crowded and narrow and not really enough room for both bike and people. Probably won’t be a weekly outing but I wouldn’t mind trying again without the wind. It was a great workout for sure. AND I have purchased and used my 50 spf sunscreen/moisturizer.


It really works, I did not get sunburned.

Saturday was a soccer game for Jorden and afterwards a shopping outing with Zenah. Phil let her drive some of the trip. It was a very nice full day.

Oh yea, and the new do!! I love it. It’s so nice to just go, no hair pins, pony tail holders, and so much less hair on the floor. I posted a picture on Facebook to enter a drawing to win $50 at the salon. You know short hair requires upkeep so I guess I’ll have to add that into my budget.


Today is a low-key day. It’s raining and chilly (65°). A good day to stay in and recover from the weekend. I even have the TV on. Kinda getting sucked into a Sex and the City marathon, not really my cup of tea, perhaps I’ll find some other marathon.  Oohhh Will and Grace.!!

Until mañana,


2 Thoughts on “A slow day fer sure…

  1. Debbie Monahan on February 3, 2015 at 10:47 am said:

    I did the same thing… much food. The kids all came over but left at halftime. They had work the next day and the grandkids were tired. I must have worn them out playing! When they left I did a little clean up. I didn’t get to watch the game until the 4th quarter! But at that point, that’s all that mattered…except for the commercials…which I have been catching on FB or on the morning shows. I need to get a bike. It would be something fun to do and get a little exercise. Dan can’t ride because of his knee so I’ll have to go it alone or get a friend interested. Enjoy the sun and warmth. We did’t get all the snow the weatherman was calling for but it sure is cold!

    • Debbie, your get togethers are what 20 people minimum? I would need a week to recover if I had to do those kind of family get togethers. Biking down here is much different than biking around Pittsburgh hills. It’s pretty flat down here. But I’m sure there’s trails up there you could ride on. Who knows, maybe bike riding would be good for Dan’s knees? maybe?

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