Today was another sticker day. I met a friend for coffee. I know! Look at me. But now I’m so far behind with my day. My friend is Lori – she’s a Sewickley person – there’s something about being from the same home town that makes you better friends. So here we go, she shows up in her tight-fitting (nice fitting) leather pants, adorable shoes of course and you know made up to the hilt, and here’s me in my blue jeans and superman t-shirt and winter clunky shoes. This face RARELY sees makeup but I did shower!! We had a very nice morning. She’s moving here in a few weeks, actually moving “back” here as this is where she lived for 25 years prior to moving to NYC… So anyway, now I’m going to have to fit a friend in every once in a while. The pressure!!!

I came home to having to clean up after the bad dog:


someone didn’t lock the garbage can…probably me

I’ll probably be cleaning up throw up later.  Then I booked our vacation weekend. I’m very nervous as it’s non refundable. Hate that, but he said do it so I did it. It’s still a surprise for him and there are a lot of factors that involve us doing things on schedule or things could go wrong. I know very ambiguous, but that’s because he reads this and I want this to be a surprise for him. Probably because if not he’d icksnay everything…but I’m hopeful….so hopeful… that it’s going to be a fabulous time and well it’s a weekend alone, so that’s always fun. Happy Valentines day to us!!  Actually, I’m shocked I even found a place available. Of course I will take pictures with my new camera on my new phone and then blog all about it. But it’s not for a couple of weeks yet.

I also am printing out papers that I need for the hospice volunteer training. And yes, I have a new printer. I guess all I have to do is write on this blog things that I want (within reason) and he comes home with a new wireless printer. It really is so so so convenient. My job is to hook the rest of the computers up to the wireless. So that’s on my to-do list.

Last night was date night. We went and looked at cars just for the fun of it. I’m getting the itch for a new car. We both have silver sedans. Ya know? I feel like there should be an SUV in the family. But he says he’s going to fix the Land Rover…(I see you smiling Janice Pallone)..but I don’t know, I’m just looking. I like my car – I love my car, but do we really need two silver sedan type vehicles? Don’t we need something else? I go between something sporty (not particularly kid friendly) to the SUV and throwing all the kid/beach stuff in there. But if he really does fix the Land Rover that takes care of that. Do you see the dilemmas I am faced with? LOL…I mean really. So it was fun looking at cars (the lot was closed, no sales pressure). Actually one of our first dates was looking at cars at the Porsche/Audi dealer in Sewickley (on a Sunday when it was closed) and I would make him guess the prices. I have to say he is right about 95% of the time. It’s fun. I know NOTHING about luxury cars. I think it’s a guy thing. He’s rather knowledgeable. It’s a fun thing to do for some reason, maybe because it’s so foreign to me. After that we went to Rumba’s for dinner. Another site of one of our first meals down here. Got the same booth even. I probably got the same thing. I love it there, I love it here.

I’m going to have to go pick up the girl, I need to think of dinner possibilities and I was thinking about cleaning that upstairs bathroom. Ughhh… Tonight is a lot of running around with kids. Zener goes to practice at 6:00 – Jorden goes to practice at 7:30 – Zener gets picked up at 8 – Jorden gets picked up at 9:30.  How does one even fit in dinner?   Saturday is Jorden’s last soccer game – Sunday is Zener’s opening Lacrosse “jamboree” – We have to drive over an hour to the field where she has games from 1:30- 5:30 (apparently they play 3, 20 minute games throughout the day). We are sure to be miserable. However, I (we) have signed up to learn how to do the Stats for the game. I know nothing about Lacrosse so I thought it would be a good way for me to keep up. Remember how I used to keep stats at Jimmy’s basketball games? Heck I started back when I was 19 years old keeping stats for John’s softball teams. So anyway, lots going on down here.

Weather wise I was complaining to Lori that I was cold this morning, it’s only in the 50’s, no sun. She said she was loving it. But she’s flown in from NYC. Know what I mean? She’ll be complaining soon enough.. 🙂

Until mañana,


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