Sometimes I really have to do this blog on the go. I feel like I’m on the go today but I’m not sure where it is I’m exactly going. I had a lunch date with the BF so that was a hurry up get up and get going kind of thing. Then a lovely relaxing lunch and then hurry up and get home to pick up the girl. I had two police SUVs pass me while nearing the school and I wondered if they were on the way to the school. Sure enough, seconds later I get a call from Zenah saying they’re locked in the school. So of course I started to cry…damn kids. But within 10 minutes they were let out. There are cops on every block and a helicopter. Do we know what’s going on? No. Nada, but it doesn’t appear that it was something “at” the school. Maybe they’re looking for someone? Or Obama’s passing through? Not sure.

I have errands…as usual…but not real comfortable leaving this girl here alone. Although the dog is here. I mean it’s not like a high crime area, but it is Florida. Nutty people seem to flock to the warm weather. Look at this map – these are all sex offenders/predators within a 5 mile radius of our home.

sexual predators

Welcome to Florida!

But I am going to concentrate on THIS Florida today.


This is my yard!!

It’s a sort of hey, I live in Florida pinch me, kind of day today. It’s a little cool after a rainy night, but it’s Florida. I drive over the water when I go meet Philip for lunch, always reminding me that I live in Florida. I mean this is really pretty cool. And now the sun is out. My mom was saying last night how hard it is to get through February and I said “not here!” HA! Not to rub it in, but since I’m not even through my first year of year-round sunshine(ish) I so appreciate not having to get through February (or December or January). Now come April/May I might be a little wistful missing up north, but then I’ll just come for a visit. See?

It’s all good.

I have to get off this computer and figure out what I’m doing with the rest of my afternoon. If I can’t remember I have a book!

Until mañana,



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