What a great day. It has rained all day long. ALLL day. So not only did I get a chance to wear my new rainboots I got caught up on Downton Abbey. I only had two episodes to catch up on. I’m a bit disappointed that I don’t have any more to watch. I might go back and catch up on Season 2 and 3. Other than that excitement that was it for today.

The weekends are typically so busy that I need a Monday catch up day. Saturday morning started early with me going to “Stats” training to learn how to keep stats for the girls Lacrosse games. Then to Jorden’s soccer game, then a big lunch and a terrible toothache (still not fixed). And the biggest news is I found another set of dishes that matches so now we have service for 8. I seem to have reawakened my dish fetish. I was tempted to get the last box so having service for 12, but really who needs 12 mugs? They should repackage those dinnerware sets. More dinner plates, less coffee mugs. Maybe even NO coffee mugs.

Sunday was an all-day Lacrosse jamboree day. Beautiful weather and by the third game I was feeling like I got the hang of the stats book. Plus I remembered my sunscreen and hat. Our girl did a wonderful job her first day out ever playing Lacrosse and she’s even in the book (the Stats book!!) She looked pretty darn good out there. After that long day, another dinner out and then home to a quiet night in front of the Grammy’s. Usually I don’t watch them as I don’t know anyone, but surprisingly I knew a couple of the performers and winners. Plus I just love that crackpot SIA. Did anyone watch? What about Kristin Wiig? It didn’t look like a joke. Just bizarre. Anyway, it was a nice night and nice ending to a lovely weekend.

On the agenda for this week is volunteering at the middle school tomorrow, horseback riding starts Wednesday and continue with hospice training on Friday. Tomorrow’s date night should be fun. We’re doing one of those painting nights. I have absolutely NO artist talent when it comes to drawing/painting etc., but it should be fun nonetheless.

I don’t have anything to share other than we’re just keepin on keepin on, loving life in FLA….

Until mañana,


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