Today was my first lesson, back in the saddle. Today I rode Remi. This is Remi.


He’s 24. By the time I was done riding I was pretty exhausted. He wasn’t putting his head up for the photo and I was too exhausted to care or coax him. I just concentrated on getting my legs to move one in front of the other so I could get back to the car. Maybe next week I’ll do better with the pictures.

First of all I had to tack the horse up. Anyone that’s ridden with me knows that’s my least favorite part, but then get this, I’m supposed to pick his feet…me.  REALLY? There’s going to be trouble there. Can they not tell that I’m the baroness? I’m pretty sure I’ll be slipping little Kaylen (one of the horse girls) a couple bucks to do it for me.

Anyhoo, I rode Remi, nice looking older horse (can’t tell he’s older) and by the end of the lesson I was back posting on the diagonal, I walked, trot, cantered and I was even doing a 2 point over some logs AND that horse actually cantered over a tiny jump. It was great. Just great. She (my instructor) was very complimentary. It was all coming back to me.  I mean I’m going to have the usual issues with keeping my heels down and legs still and all but perhaps this time I’ll get better at it. The dirt down here is sooo soft but it doesn’t seem to trip the horses up. My teacher, (another Katelyn – not to be confused with Kaylen the stable girl) said the ground is so soft that it doesn’t hurt when you fall. I’m hoping I don’t have to experience that because I assure you it will hurt.


Here’s the ring. Big water puddle from all the rain. Big swamp to the right. Big birds in the trees.

Katelyn has 10 of her own horses and a total of 34 horses at her place. I just love these horse people. They are so dedicated to their trade. She said she owned 3 horses by the time she was 14. She’s been doing this awhile. And not yet 30. I also saw 3 full-grown dogs and one adorable puppy. At least 2 cats (I’m sure there are more) 3 chickens, 4 cows, and a parakeet in a cage. Horse people are nuts!


One of the dogs sunning itself. No pitbull here eh?


The newest addition – an 8 week old puppy. Sooo stinkin cute. It’s a Catahoula Leopard Dog. Cute cute cute

To go on a trail ride the horses have to be trailered to a nearby park.  Not as convenient as jumping on and going from the barn.  The best thing about it is they have the horses all tacked up and you meet them at the trail. That’s what the baroness in me likes! I’ve already scheduled a trail ride for when my sister, Kerry, is here.  It’s also costs twice as much to trail ride as take a lesson. A lot of these girls do barn work in trade for horse lessons or boarding. Perhaps I could offer some office work done? Wonder if I could do that for a lesson? She’d probably rather have the money. So click here.
Help support my hobby!

Other than this wonderful morning so far, the rest of my update is that yesterday I ended up working at the school all day. The afternoon volunteer called off. They had to put their dog down. How sad is that? So I stayed all day. Just like a real job. I even wore real work clothes and I might have had mascara on. And then I came home and got ready for date night….which was soooo much fun. We went to one of those paint night things. They encourage and expect a lot of drinking. In our small group, the only one pounding drinks was the instructor. It was fun though.

This activity is a perfect Fall Family Fun Day activity isn’t it? For those of you that don’t know what that is; I require my children to be in my presence 3 or 4 mandatory days of the year. Mother’s Day, my Birthday, Fall Family Fun Day, and Christmas. Last year we were 1-3 because of the transition of this move. (I think we got in mother’s day) However, this year we are going to have to try harder. Fall Family Fun day was a way for us to get together in the Fall months between my birthday and Christmas. Once in awhile we’ve had Spring Sibling Surprise, but that didn’t catch on as much. I’m hoping this year for Spring Sibling Surprise they show up on my doorstep. Mother’s day I figure I’m going to have to give up, but I need to get my birthday back in there, Fall Family Fun day and Christmas . So THIS year I’m thinking a paint night. Whoever started this Paint Night craze was onto something. It’s fun! And now we have original masterpieces to display! 🙂

I am hoping to continue with my some motivation today and get some windows washed, screens cleaned and a couple of things done that I’ve been putting off forever. We shall see if I go forth and prosper or I sit down and then can’t get back up. Posting is a lot of leg work you know. Apparently it’s also “back” work. Do I have to use my legs or my back to wash windows? What about my arms?  If so I’m thinking it’s going to have to wait.

Sitting here writing this in front of the heater is pretty cozy.

Until mañana,


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