There’s a storm brewing in the east.


Actually I think that’s the west. We are getting some rain today and then dropping temps again. For Zenah’s Thursday night game, temps are supposed to be in the 30’s. Ya know? WTF? I’ll just wear my parka and remember my gloves for sure this time.

So Phil and I (or probably just me) read an article about the way you sleep effects (or is it affects) your moods and your dreams. Remember I said I have weird dreams? Well our bed faces east. According to feng shui the best sleeping is if your head is to the south. And I’ve noticed that when I’m taking a nap without him my body completely turns with my head facing south! I thought back to Fair Oaks and the way I slept there – I think my head faced south there too, I think. At the apartment it was north. I was happy in that apartment, slept good. In the city let’s see, I think it was east. ANYWAY, so we’re doing this experiment and trying two nights facing each way. When we were facing South I slept the best (so far) and he slept the worst. He likes sleeping West (which was last night) and I was miserable this morning. So one more night of west (poor Phil) and then tomorrow night we end with North. Doesn’t this sound like fun? At the end of the experiment I’m not actually sure what we’ll know, but no one can say we aren’t a “fun” couple eh?

This morning I worked at the school (I volunteered but isn’t that the same as work?) Only excitement is some kid had his bike stolen and the kid that stole the bike on Friday brought it back to school today as if it is his bike, so the kid that it originally belongs to put his lock on it too. Should be an interesting end of the day. Too bad I’ll miss that part. You can only take the bus if you live 2+ miles away. Otherwise they expect you to bike or walk or get dropped off I guess. So there are LOTS of bikes at this school. Quite a few skateboarders too. We used to keep the skateboards in the office but the Principal said no more, because there were too many. So the kids told me they throw the skateboards in the woods now, to hide them until the end of the day. He told me no one would steal them because it’s an unwritten skateboarders rule that they don’t steal each other’s skate boards. I asked if the same applied to bikes and he said “no, nobody cares about bikes”. Who knew?

Then to yoga…I struggled through the beginners class. Struggled….

Now home trying to figure out what I should do first. Laundry? Dog hairs? My schedule is off because the kids were home yesterday (or at least I’ll blame it on them) and now I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. So maybe I’ll just call it a day and watch TV?

Tonight is date night. We’re meeting some Sewickley people in Dunedin. Just can’t shake those Sewickley people (JK, it’ll be nice). Lori is back now, all moved in I believe. We live about 5 miles from each other. R.D. is coming up to meet us tonight too – he’s an hour away. The Tampa/St. Pete area is pretty spread out. Not too different from Pittsburgh. I live at the very north end of the Tampa area and R.D. is at the very south end. Anyway, if he really does venture out in the rain then we’ll see him tonight as well.

Tomorrow is horseback riding. I know I have a nice life don’t I? Oh and wait, I just remembered I get a facial tomorrow too. I’m treating myself so I can try to look “good” for my weekend escape with my BF. I’m hoping it makes me look younger. Hoping….

I’m sorry that this dribble is getting more mundane. I mean it’s a nice life, not like “work” mundane but you know, it’s just routine now. I’m hoping that something inspirational is going to happen here soon, something worthy of sharing, but in the meantime I’ll continue with the routine of writing the updates (i.e. blog). The addition of Hospice might add something. But that’s another 4 weeks of training, although I am meeting some fun people in training.  This one woman, Jan,  she’s probably well into her 70’s…so, well…we all had to say what or who we wanted to be around when we died.  Most people, including myself, said our family or children.  She said Kevin Costner.  Love her.

In the meantime, I’ll just provide you with a little escape into my life.

Who knows, perhaps tonight you will face a different way in your bed and see if you sleep better?

Until mañana,



2 Thoughts on “Go North young man…

  1. Debbie Monahan on February 18, 2015 at 11:36 am said:

    You are to funny….never boring. I have to laugh. After reading the your post, I went to see which way my head is facing while sleeping. My head is north but I sleep well, most nights anyway. When going through menopause, I don’t think north,south,east or west matters…the nights can be irritating…lol
    Stay warm….I can say that to you for a change

    • See? Gets you thinking right? Tonight we will head North. Let’s see what kind of mood we wake up in tomorrow. Last night was the last night of West. Not a good head position for me, but he’s happy. All about compromise, right? 🙂

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