First of all, last night was date night and I must say it was VERY nice. Not that all our date nights aren’t nice but this time we met up with other adults. I mean how nice was THAT? We met in Dunedin at The Living Room and had dinner with Rick Cole, David German and Lori Weber.

David is just visiting and will be headed back up north this weekend but the other two live here in Florida. We really had a lovely evening. I apologized to Phil for all the “Sewickley” talk, and those of you (Sally) that know this syndrome know how annoying it can be. Phil said his wife and her friends would talk in foreign languages (she spoke 7 languages, fluently) so he was just happy to understand the conversation. When Sewickley people get together all we seem to talk about is other Sewickley people and/or memories of Sewickley things. We all do it. I will say though last night we did talk about other things too. Florida things, boats and fish and beaches and how much we all love living here. David will have to revisit his choice of remaining up north I suppose. Anyway, it was fuuunnn. I had a really nice time and there was a great band playing there as well. We sat in the back and were able to talk without screaming (don’t you hate that when it’s soo loud?) and then moved to the front to listen to the band before leaving. Great musicians. I’ve been talking with a few people who happen to be musicians and I’m just waiting for Philip to get that guitar out and start-up a new band. Wouldn’t that be fun? Just have to get him to practice. Maybe I could do what my mother used to do to us, lock us in the room for a ½ hour and make us practice. I’ll lock him in the music room.

This morning was horseback riding. I had to laugh when Katelyn (my instructor) said to dress warm. She’s all snuggled in her sweatshirt. It’s 55° and sunny. I’m like “are you kidding me?” PERFECT riding weather (other than the wind).

I rode Remi again. He’s a nice horse, but it was/is windy today and you know those damn horses get spooked at nothing. So the wind was an issue and then he spooked at something and jerked (I stayed on – YAY) so my back is for sure going to be killing me tomorrow. (I’ve already called for a massage appointment – thank God for Groupon) I was squeezing as hard as I could with my legs to get him to keep his trot but that damn horse was so pokey today so I was slow trotting and posting and bouncing and ughhh. My feet kept falling out of the stirrups, (we finally raised the stirrups, it helped) my legs were pinching against the stirrup straps, I really need boots or the pants with the leather things. I think I’ll order them today. So it wasn’t a really relaxing ride this morning. I was exhausted just trying to keep that horse moving. He did canter pretty easily but then I was nervous that he was going to spook while cantering so it just wasn’t a very good day. She’s got all kinds of things in that ring that look spooky even to me, and then the wind, and added to all that was the mud puddles that he just wasn’t’ feeling like going through.   But get this, when we were done with the lesson I walked him (while riding) around the ring 3 or 4 times and I sang to him so he would stay calm (was my intention anyway) and then when I said okay let’s go in he walked right up to the mounting block and stopped so I could get off. Now how cool was that? Last week I jumped off. So I think he liked my singing. At least that’s what I’m going with. I’m already getting better at the tacking up and untacking but that picking their feet thing, I don’t know. I don’t know that I’ll EVER be comfortable doing that. I mean I guess they can’t really kick you if you’re holding their foot up but I was actually shaking I was so nervous doing it today.   He even picked his feet up for me. Oh well, I’ll try it a couple more times I guess. Why can’t they just shake off their feet like the rest of us? 🙂

Here’s some pictures from my morning. I got him to show his head.


That’s a nice boy…check out the rest of the row, all the horses wanting their picture taken I suppose


I really think he was kind of annoyed with the flash


Horses to the left


more horses to the right


and a couple of cows

This afternoon the girl wants to go to Chipotle after I pick her up from school, then I have that 3:00 facial, then I take her to practice at 5:30 – then I have to think about something for dinner. I made spaghetti the other night, remember me saying that? It was DELICIOUS. Even Zenah ate it. Jorden stuck with his butter noodles but Phil, Zener and I were very happy. I froze a bunch of sauce because…..

BOTH boys are coming NEXT week!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited I could puke. Zachary finalized his plans yesterday. Jimmy will come in Friday afternoon and leave Monday morning (early) – Zachary is coming in Sunday night and leaving Wednesday afternoon.   Jimmy is going to try that Allegiant Air, Zachary is taking Allegiant for his return (coming down on Southwest). I’m pretty excited about that Allegiant Air option. We’ll see how it goes. The fares are cheap but you do have to pay for even an overhead item, still I think it’s cheaper than most commercial airlines, AND it’s direct. So anyway, I’m so happy!! Plus I believe everyone will be here for dinner on Sunday night. ALL of us. We need someone here to take a picture.  I hope I make enough food. We also need a couple more chairs.  I might even have to go back for that other box of dinnerware.  I’m really soooo excited.

Tonight our temps are actually going to be in the 30’s and they are talking about windchill. They are predicting wind chills in the 20’s. So see? That’s really cold. And Zenah has to practice in this weather and tomorrow night she has a game and I think it’s supposed to be just as cold tomorrow night too. Friday morning is going to be cold but the weekend is going to warm up quite nicely for our surprise weekend jaunt.  Yet another thing I’m soooo excited about!  This is turning out to be a great week! (albeit cold)

That’s another thing I have to do, pack. I’ll have to do that tomorrow morning. Zenah and I have to leave at like 5:00 for a 7:00 game and we won’t be home until probably 11:00 tomorrow night.  Why can’t they have busses? Eh? What about Jorden? He can’t sit there all night in the cold. Damn kids.

Ok, I only have 30 minutes to get ready for the rest of my day. See? Time flies.

Until mañana,



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